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Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 18 YEARS OLD | Middle Island, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 18, 2008


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would say 80% of my ten dogs are rescues - well, they probably rescued me..... Harley - golden/chow - adopted from Huntington Animal Shelter in 1999 at age 2 or 3. came from abusive home...carried her 75 lb body everywhere for a week till she stopped being so scared...... Razz - english mastiff - my husband's "other wife." We purchased her from a breeder at 10 weeks old in 2001. It was my husband's first real dog of all his own. He wanted a rottie and I talked him into a mastiff - LOL. She was the key that opened up his heart to all the rest of them because, through her, he realized how cool dogs really are. Thanks Razz! Biscuit - english mastiff - we purchased her and flew her up to New York in 2001 at the age of 5 months from an overwhelmed mom in Florida with three kids, one on the way and a mastiff at her feet already. She was bought to be Razz's "sister," best thing we ever did.... Joey - terrier mix - adopted September 2002 at the age of 2 to 3 from a lady about to have him euthanized at the Brookhaven Animal shelter (she adopted him from there three weeks earlier) for biting her kids....we exchanged in the parking lot...he is my forever "boyfriend"..together till the end.... MindyLou - fox terrier - adopted from Save-A-Pet in July 2002 at the age of 1 1/2...Save-A-Pet saved her from the shelter and we were her fourth and final home... Ariel - toy fox terrier - purchased at the age of 8 months in July 2005 for 240 bucks from a family leaving the state due to some pretty tragic circumstances and they couldnt take her with them... Calvin - adopted from Save-A-Pet at the age of 7 in October 2006. He was a test feeder dog his whole life living in a little cage at the IAMS food company in Ohio. See more about Calvin in the "sweetest moments" below... Asia - pit bull - adopted from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in March 2007 at age 10 weeks. Her and her brother were left tied to the Brooklyn ACC malnourished, wormy and with colds. She is now our precious baby girl.... Boomer - pit bull - purchased from breeder July 2007 in Pennsylvania at 4 mths old to be a big brother for Asia...most sweetest and handsomest dog I've ever known....thanks Gram :) Pixie Dust - chihuahua - purchased Dec 2007 from an overwhelmed friend who had to take on a third job.....the chihuahua who thinks she's a pit bull...my little peanut....I just adore this precious little dog....

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