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Gidget, Lily, and Muffin

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 15 YEARS OLD | Iola, WI


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Gidget, Lily, and Muffin

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I found Gidget on Petfinder. She's a retired puppy mill breeder. I had just lost a dog and wasn't looking to adopt, but when I saw that face, I was a goner. The first words out of my mouth were, "Oh, it's Gidget." I didn't even know if she was a girl at that point. I went and saw her the next day, and two days after that, she came home. I got Lily from my local shelter. I had gone to see a different dog, but the shelter's director was eager to show me Lily because I had Gidget. Lily came from a puppy mill, had been with a hoarder, had been in two shelters, and had been adopted and returned after 4 days. Once I saw her, I knew I was adopting her. I say Muffin on Petfinder one day while I was just waiting for my nephew to get done with something. It was love at first sight.

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