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Crystal was adopted by her old owners who got her and her sister Mary for their kids. The sad thing is the kids were cat people who really didn't want a dog. Therefore she was neglected and ignored. (proof that they clearly were cat people were they named her Crystal when she's black.) They finally were so sick of her they wanted to put her and her sister to sleep. Whenever I think of how close she was to death it makes me cry. Then the tables turned. My wonderful aunt saved her and her sister. My aunt really wanted to keep Crystal and Mary but she has two dogs already and couldn't keep them. So she brought them to my grandfather who owns a horse farm. He has a few dogs, but has lots of room for more. He agreed to take Crystal. (Mary had already been adopted by another family who she is very happy with her.) Well, things worked out wonderful until Crystal got in a fight with my grandpa's alpha female named Dixie who he has had for about thirteen years. They both were injured and Crystal sent the older dog to the vet. My grandpa had to find another home for Crystal. My dad agreed to take her for "a few weeks" which turned out to be forever. She is now officially ours. We guessed about her birthday. We know she's about three or four, but we're not really sure about when she was born.

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