Riley Reagan

Mixed Breed | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Arvada, CO

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 27, 2008


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Riley Reagan

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My parents surprised me for my 15th birthday by taking me to the Table Mountain Animal shelter to pick out my very own dog. I had wanted my own dog since i was 4 yrs old when my family adopted Sara, a beautiful tri-color collie with a heart of gold. She was the best dog ever, but her days were numbered. She was my very best friend growing up, and my parents thought a new puppy would ease the pain when she passed. We looked and looked but nothing felt right. I didn't want a pure bred, or a purse dog. I wanted a dog dog. My mom convinced me that another big dog wasn't a good idea (we had small pets). So I combed newspapers, called breeders, looked through the pound, nothing. I couldn't find my dog anywhere. I was looking through another newspaper when i heard my mom gasp behind me. She was looking at the computer with my dad. "What is it?" she asked. My dad laughed. "It says its a dog." They stepped out of the way so i could see. One look and I was in love! The picture was blurry and dark and the flash had caught the retinas of the creature, making its eyes a misty glowing blue. "Thats the one!" I announced. Boulder Valley Humane, here we come! We walked in to the shelter and found the cage with his name card "Doodle" but it was empty. Just as we were about to give up hope a curly brown head popped up in the corner of the glass door. My mom hurried to the front to set a meet and greet. I sat on the floor as one of the workers carried in a scruffy curly 3 lbs mess of skin and bones. "This is Doodle," she said, "he had some trouble early on and the owners couldn't afford the vet bills so they surrendered him." She set him down on the floor. He immediately jumped in my lap, teetering the whole way, stood up as tall as he could and licked the end of my nose. He was perfect!! Riley Reagan, my little pride and joy. He started out a scruffy skinny mess and grew into the smartest most handsome, healthiest dog ever!

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