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Hi Im Houdini. I am a Bluetick Coonhound and Labrador Retriever Mix. I was born a couple of months ago then a few weeks later the owners of my doggie mommy took me and my siblings to this big place they called it Walmart to give me and my siblings away well no one took me so they took and put me in a box on the side of the road a truck came by and picked me up and took me to this place with lots of other dogs. Then one of my brothers come there he had been found somewhere else. Then a few days later a man and woman come in and was very suprised to see me they said that I looked like another dog they knew so they said you are comin home with us and they told my brother that if he was still there they said "the first of the month" whatever that is suppose to mean that they would come back to get him. Then they took me to this house they said it was my granny's house and to my suprise there was one of my brothers. So I have a doggie brother that lives with my granny and I have a brother here at my house named Spike. Unfortuneately my brother that my mommy and daddy were goin to get at "the first of the month" died a few days before they were goin to go get him.

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