Briard | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Paris, TN

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 28, 2008


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I was living with a very bad man in an apartment across from the newspaper office where my mommy works. She watched me for a very long time because she was infatuated and drawn to me. She told everyone she worked with about how much she loved the dog across the street and couldn't figure out what type of breed I was. A couple of weeks later, someone told mommy that I was at the city pound because my mean owner dumped me on the city streets as he moved away and I was due to be euthanized at the shelter. She came the next day as soon as the shelter opened and adopted me. She does animal rescue and had 6 dogs of her own so she couldn't keep me at the time. As soon as I got in her car, I sat in her lap and would not move. She could barely see to drive me home. She found a good home for me but missed me very much, she told the new owner to call her if they couldn't keep me. My new owner did call mommy because they were moving and couldn't take me with them. Mommy said she would keep me and would never let me go again. We are best friends and soul mates and love each other very much. Mommy is the field officer for the local humane society now and helps rescue abused and neglected animals like I was all the time now.

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