Spunky Punky ~ Mom Barb Passed Away 11-27-2011

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Since my owner (Barbara) had gone to her Forever Sleep on 11/27/2011, her Cousin (Lillian ~ Carly Knight's #11000 mom) does Barb's accounts once a month so the points aren't lost.


Spunky Punky ~ Mom Barb Passed Away 11-27-2011

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Mom seen my brother and since he already had a home she took me.I ruled I wouldn't eat dog food for 1 day and they would let me eat anything just so I would eat. 11-28-2011 CALLIE IS LIVING WITH COUSINS RHOAMIN #2921 OF KNIGHT GANG & AUNT SAMANTHA #15442 OF GIRL POWER CREW. UPDATE: 4-21-2012 LILLIAN IS STILL TRYING TO FIND A FUREVER HOME FOR CALLIE WHO HAS NO OTHER PETS.

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