LilBit & She`bet (1 year old on 7/25)

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 LilBit & She`bet (1 year old on 7/25)

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LilBit`s first owner had to work too much, and wanted her to have a stay at home Mom, to spend lots of time with her.She wouldn`t give her to any one else but my Mom and Dad..Little Bit has a problem with her neck and lower back..She has 3 slipped disks{2 in neck,1 in lower back}She has alot of nerve damage and has a problem walking ..she sort of wabbles when she walks..When she walks the nerve hurt her so that is why she walks a little funny..She needed someone to take extreme care of her and be able to be a 24-7 Mom & Dad for her and that was us .We don`t even see her as having anything wrong with her ..She `s our little baby , our cherished lovebug. We just got Shebet on Sunday (8/29/10)., after church..LilBit needed dog company ( someone that would help her be more active !!And...boy, is she ever that !!She was the runt of the litter...She is a chihuahua ..A little wind-up toy !! hehe...

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