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We lost Lady when she passed, after a long illness, on 12/04/2013.



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My Mommy's daughter...the one who is posting this...lived across the street from me & my prior owner. In April of 2007, I got really, really sick. They tell me I came very close to dying. Terri & Jack had to give me my medicine because my Daddy just couldn't force it down me! I got better, just in the nick of time. They really didn't know what I had...just that I was really sick and then got better after something called Prednisolone. So, anyway I have known my Terri for years because I would go visiting whenever my Daddy let me out! One terrible, terrible day my Daddy got up and was getting ready to go bye-bye when he started not feeling good. He sat down and closed his eyes and he never woke up again! I was with my Daddy's body for almost 24 hours before my Terri & Jack found me. I was still trying to protect my Daddy. My Terri picked me up and carried me out of my house and took me to her house. I was shaking so hard! I was scared and very upset. I didn't stop shaking for almost 1/2 an hour. My Terri held me until I stopped and she told me everything would be okay. I loved my Terri and my Terri loved me, the only problem was that she already had two doggies and I was used to being the only dog! It turns out though that my Terri's Mommy had been thinking about getting a dog and she didn't have any! It has worked out GREAT, considering how tragic it started!!! I have a nice new, big house with lots of windows...which I really love! My Mommy really loves me and I really love her. I have been with her since 02/18/2008. In May of 2008, I got sick again. I pooped and it was all bloody. My people were really upset and they took me to the vet right away. The vet finally figured out that I have something called thrombocytopenia. It is a condition that destroys my platelets (the things that make your blood clot). Then it starts me bleeding internally. My platelets should be around 400 and they were only 7! I am okay right now but I will have to be watched and have blood tests regularly to make sure I don't get down really, really sick again. My people are doing everything they can to take really good care of me! They tell me not to worry because they are going to watch out for me and do their very best to catch it, if it happens again, before I even start to feel bad. To make it even better, my Terri babysits with me whenever my Mommy has to go somewhere she can't take me!

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Lady We lost Lady when she passed, after a long illness, on 12/04/2013.


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