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I wanted a pug from childhood on. I thought they were so cute, especially their faces! I thought they were so unique, how they made so many noises: snorting, sneezing, wheezing. A friend of my mom's had a pug, and it was love at first sight for me. But I was going off to college, couldn't have any pets, so I put my wishes on hold. When I came home from school, I had done so much research on Pugs, what kind of care they needed, what kind of home would be good for them. I also did research on puppies in general, like housetraining, basic commands, puppy proofing your home, just making sure you're ready for a puppy. Well my mom couldn't say no after all that work. So I looked up breeders, asked pug owners about where they bought, and just on a whim my mom looked at a newspaper my grandma brought by. It was extremely long distance. Soon my mom found an article that touched her, and the phone number was up by where we lived. The breeder ended up living just a little way down from us. We were able to see the mother and father, which helped me relax more, and when we went inside, there weren't dogs all over the place. The only other dogs were the puppies. So I was so glad that it wasn't a puppie mill. There were two puppies to choose from, and I held his litter mate first. He was very snuggly, calm in my arms, but, I knew I had to hold the other as well. And oh my, it was love at first sight. He clung right to me, didn't even want to go back to my mom when I had to sign the papers. That's when I knew he felt it too, that we were meant to be together.

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