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I was mourning the loss of my beloved Akita when my fiance (now husband) decided to take me out for a shopping day in Bemidji, MN. I had been looking at the breeder's ad for a few months but did not think I could afford to buy a puppy from her at the time so I never inquired...I happened to be looking at this ad yet again on my phone as we were driving through the city, when my husband, knowing my avid love for Dobes, says "Oh my god babe look! There's a car over there with a sign on it saying they have AKC Dobermans!" I looked but only saw pugs, so I asked him to turn around and go over so I could ask since I didn't see the Dobe sign. It turned out that they were the people who had the Dobermans I had been looking at for all those months, and better yet, they had the male with them that I had been eying for so long! I fell in love instantly and felt bad that I couldn't buy him as I was petting the dog, but then her husband tells me they will accept payments...I was shocked that I could actually try to buy him. I agreed and we've all been friends ever since, and I finally have this sweetheart after so many years of missing my last Doberman! He is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. :)

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