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I had wanted to own a husky for over 5 years but was unable to. This year when I got my tax refund I was finally able to afford her. I had done the breed research, and then had to find a responsible breeder that I would feel comfortible purchasing from. My searching brought me to Kaufman Siberian Huskies. The owner was an older woman who bred only for hobby and normally has max of 2 litters a year. My first choice puppy was a lighter gray/white female husky that was sister to Anuysh. I had gone to see her at the breeders home and was smitten, unfortunitly, she ended up getting really sick and passed away. The breeder kept me updated on her status and what her vet was informing her of. She gave me the option of choosing a blk/wht pinto female, a sable/wht male or the sable/wht female. I choose the sable/wht female because she and the sable/wht male never came down with the illness that ended up taking 3 pups in the litter. And since I have a 6.5 year unaltered male I didnt want to get a male pup due to possible territorial fights when the pup got older. Even though, I was determined to spay/neuter the pup, I knew that having 2 male dogs would still cause a dominance issue. I chose Anuysh cause I knew that my older dog might become more fatherly to her, and she would possible be more willing to submit to him. I was informed ahead of time that she was the alpha pup in the litter, so I was made aware that training might be more difficult with her than with a more submissive puppy. Anuysh has proven to be headstrong at times, but also a very fast learner. She was potty trained within the first 2 weeks I had her, though I couldnt really get her comfortible with her crate, which (since shes older) I am going try to restart the crate training cause if I move into an apartment, she will need to be able to go into the crate and not make a raccuss.

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