Spinone Italiano | MALE | 14 YEARS OLD | St. Clair Shores, MI

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 7, 2012


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My Mom put her name on the Spinone Rescue waiting list. She had to wait 3 years for me to come along! I was abandoned in a kennel by my original owners, who had gotten a divorce and the new girlfriend didn't like me. I was shell shocked and didn't want to be with anyone. For over 6 months I just laid there, waiting for my owner to come back, but he never did. Thank God my breeder tracks all of us throughout our lives. She found me and took me home to make me better, but I was still sad. I didn't think I would love anyone ever again. Then one day a lady shows up with a teenage girl. They fawned all over me, even tho my fur had been cut, they told me how beautiful I was! Something sparked in me. This may be the one. Then the young girl hooked on the leash and off we went romping in a nearby field, we had so much fun! When we came back muddy and smiling, the lady looked so happy, she didn't mind the dirt! She said I won her heart and she was my new Mama. We now snuggle together and are rarely apart. I'm so happy now and feel like I make such a difference in my family's life. My Mom says "Shhhhhh I love you the most!" Finally I'm all over happy, from my noni butt to my big spongey nose, but especially in my heart. It doesn't hurt anymore and I love my Mom with all of it.

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