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I was looking for a dog so I went to the spca and found him there in a kennel all alone. I was wondering why he was away from all the other dogs so I asked somone If I coud take him for a walk, she said that he was VERY dominant, and that he didn't like being around other dogs, or having a person go over top of him in any way. She also said that they hadn't done the evaluation and that he had to be evaluated first because he had just into the spca, and that they found him as a stray. we got to see his personality as we watched them do all sorts of tests to him. the day later we went and picked him up, and from then on he was apart of our family. It wasn't long after tha, I guess it was about 11 to 12 months after we got him that he died. It was a rainy kind of day where nothing goes right.... I mean like droping an oen glue bottel on yourself to having your dog die.. yah, It was pretty bad!!! I was just getting home when my father called and said that he got out of his cage and ran away, well thankfully our nieghbor called an hour later and told us that tey had him. When my dad went over to pick him up he opened the door and once again Spencer ran away. It was about 6:00 that he came trotting back acros root 29(which is a VERY busy rode where I live!!) When a car came out of no where and hit him in the head... he died instantly. As soon as I found out I seriosly thought I was dreaming, that this was all some kinda joke or somthing, but no, this was NO joke!! Or dream for that matter! I don't know how long I cried that night.. I cried myself to sleep. It made me SOO mad that the person that hit him never stoppet!! I mean they just hit a dog soo hard it the head that it kiled him instantly, his head was bleadin soo bad, even once he was dead, and the person never once stopped. Although I miss Spencer VERY much, I thank God for giving me Sadie in his empty space, his space will never truly be filled, but at least some of it will. He had a one of a kind personality, and no dog can ever replase the pain I felt that day.

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