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Well..... Slappy was on death row at ACC in SF. She had 2 days left when we went to see her. She was a SPAZZZZZ.... she was slamming herself against the walls and made no eye contact. Aparently they dont walk "pit bulls" at ACC, so this poor angel had been in her kennel for almost 2 months without any human interaction (her foot pads were softer than my hands :( )... During her traumatic day of running into walls and after getting sprayed by a high pressure hose, she loosened the stiches on her recent surgery to fix her. That night her guardian angel Anne found her laying in a puddle of her own blood with her entire stomach and intestines laying on the ground next to her. Anne shoved her insides back in and drove her to Pets Unlimited, where she received a surgery that saved her life. Cindy (Reunion Rescue) worked very hard making sure they didnt put poor Slap to sleep and thanks to her persistence she livcd through the ordeal. I picked her up 2 days later, and we nursed her back to life. Its been hard, she has to eat 3 meals a day, and poops 3 times a day, due to losing 3 feet of intestines. On top of the various classes Slap has graduated from (Bob Guiterez, a better way dog training in SF) Basic Puppy classes to Aggression Training... She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and everyday i am so thankful that she didnt die before i had a chance to be her mom.

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