#39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!

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#39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!

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Scruffy was a stray around the neighborhood for a few months before I realized it, my neighbors were feeding him but no one had done anything to try to find his owners, I did; and after a while of searching no one came forward, it took me a wile to gain his confidence but once I did he was all mine. From that point on Scruffy was a surprise to me after another, not only he was so obedient and respectful but also had previous training as either therapy or Assistance dog which also helped me when I have trouble getting up from a sitting position. I am a cancer patient and although I don't need him to help me all the time I reinforce this training by having help me and take me to safety every day. The key word is "help" and if he is not next to me he comes running when called for assistance. He is my little angel and I am so happy to have him and provide with a home and a second chance at live, WE are very lucky, our bond is very special, since I do have special needs from time to time. My little angel Scruffy. **Wendy** was kind of a surprise to me she was that cute little Dachsund with floppy ears and wonderful puppy breath. She was tiny and adorable and loved to bug Scruff all the time..now well..she is a little adorable terror.

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