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#39424  Princess, Angel Tobi & Ang. Mimi

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Princess: Well, as I said, it it hadnt been for Dad being there for some other reason at that house, no one would have ever found me. The hurricane was bad and I saw my siblings drift away, that was so sad, when Dad picked me up that was the happiest day of my life and when I saw Mom I knew I had found my forever home. *TOBI* I came to live with my parents when I was soo little, I came from a big litter and I was the tiniest I don't think I would have liked living where I came from. **MIMI** My mom went and got me from a friend of hers that was very sick, I was brindle and everyone thought that was so unusual for a chichi. I liked my hair color. Here in the Rainbow Bridge we look like puppies again and our hair and bodies are so nice!

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