Precious Lil Missy #40426

Chihuahua | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Mill Spring, NC

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Precious Lil Missy       #40426

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I was looking everywhere for a Yorkie that would be under 5lbs. I went to every pet store in the area and had no luck. The last pet store I thought for sure would have what i was looking for but I was wronge. I was looking at the salt water fish thinking I should just stick to our salt water tank and then my boyfriend came and got me and told me I needed to go look over by the birds. (I was really hoping he wasnt wanting us to get a bird) I looked down and saw her and her brother in a hamster cage and I fell in love!! She was already 10 weeks old and weighed 11oz. She was so precious and as soon as I saw her I had already had her name. When I was little my mom would call me little Missy when I was to get in trouble and I could see me saying that to her! I still really wanted a yorkie so we left and the rest of the day she was all I thought about. So the next morning my boyfriend had called the pet store to see if they still had her and I was in luck! We told the store we would be there at 5pm and needless to say, we were there by 12pm. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and the love of my life!

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