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My childhood pet passed away, and I was miserably depressed. A lady at my moms work was moving into a retirement community so she was going to put Princess to sleep because she was afraid of her getting adopted by an abusive family. My mom asked me if I would want to adopt her, and when she told me the dog was a Shih Tzu I was a little bit unsure. I knew I needed a dog in my life to fill a void, but my first dog was a big Samoyed Husky, and I'd never thought about having a small dog. The lady sent Princess home with my mom for the weekend so we could spend some time with her, and to see if I might like a small dog. That night I was sitting on the floor in my room and she came up and curled up in a little ball in my lap and went to sleep. I fell in love right then. The next week my mom went and told the lady that we were going to keep her, and my mom came home with terrible news, the lady decided that she wanted to keep Princess and she wanted her back. I was heart broken I couldn't imagine living with out her by my side. That night I wrote the lady a really long letter telling her to please reconsider, and explaining how we already bonded so closely, and I wanted to give this little puppy the life that every dog deserves. My mom took her the letter and the next day she sent a letter home with my mom that said she really didn’t want to give her up but after she read my letter she couldn’t live with herself if she separated me from her when in my letter I had so much love for her little dog, and she could never give Princess the life that I so strongly desired to provide for her. Ever since then Princess and I have been inseparable!!

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