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Rosie & Ziggy

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<<<<♥ Rosie ♥>>>> About three years ago when I was on a walk to the creek with my two dogs Eli and B0-B0 I heard a whimpering in the distance. Before I knew a black and white scrawny dog was jumping all over and licking me. She was crying her heart out and I had absolutely know Idea what to do. I gave her a few crackers which was all I had. Some campers at the creek said she had been there for a couple days. We brought her home and immedietally called every shelter in the area. No one was looking for her. She has been the sweetest dog ever and we love her so much. <<<< ♥ Ziggy ♥ >>>> I met Ziggy when I was volunteering at the animal shelter. He was new so I wanted to spend some time with him. It was love at first sight for both of us. When my family saw him they fell in love with him too. Not thinking that we couldn't take another dog (as we already had three) we filled out an application for him. 4 days later the shelter called my me and said that his sister had left and he was really lonely and sad. They told us to come get him the next day. When my mom came home I was SO surprised when I saw Ziggy jump out of the car. (his name at that time was Dilly). I love him so much and he is my everything dog. We are best friends ♥

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