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***Toodles & LittleBit***#64619 Dee's Angels

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Toodles was hanging out in the church parking lot across the street from our house. Mom's daughter brought me inside because it was cold out there. They thought I was lost and someone would be worried sick that I was missing. Mom called the police, the sheriff's office and even put an ad in the daily newspaper for a few weeks. No one ever reported me missing. Mommy already had a little Australian Shepherd named Kiki, and her minister's daughter wanted me really bad so she took me home with her, bought me a bed and toys and took me to a doggie doctor to be checked over. I found my way back to Mommy's house. The third time, the other lady said, "He's just not going to stay with me no matter what I do. He wants you!" So, even though I had to work at it there for a little while, I knew who I wanted to be my mommy. And, the rest as they say "is history"! I became Mommy's forever-and-ever soulmate. Little Bit was sent to Mom by Toodles after Toodles went to The Rainbow Bridge, and that is quite a story! Mom NEVER stopped at the animal shelter, even though she had to pass by it several times a week. She just knew it would break her heart to see all those doggies that needed homes, and she couldn't take them all home. One day, she stopped, but she couldn't have told you why because SHE didn't know. Somehow, Toodles, in his infinite wisdom, knew that this little abused and neglected older Chihuahua was going to be there. Not only did he engineer the whole thing from The Rainbow Bridge, but he even walked across Mom, in bed at night, twice just to let her know that it was him that made the whole thing happen! He knew that Mom was missing him soooo much, and that this other little guy really needed someone to love and take care of him. All the details would be too much to print here, but there is no other way this whole thing could have "just happened"!

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