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My ex-son-inlaw had custody of our two grandaughters until six months ago and then his newest wife left him (for his brother). The girls dad is a truck driver so to keep his job, he gave us custody(at least for awhile). In the meanwhile his to be exwife left their home locked up with 2 cats and 3 dogs in it for a month (with a bag of dog food and a bathtub of water). When James got there to save what he could, someone had opened the window where the cats where and they were gone. The dogs where in bad shape. So his brother took the Lab. My husbands daughter(the girls birth mom) took the Rottie and I said I would try Boozer. When he got here I had to shave him to the skin because his hair was matted with urine and feces. Then I took him to my Vet.and got his shots and flea control. He was just skin and bones and rotten teeth and missing toenails. We had the rotten teeth removed and are trying to save the rest of them. His toes and healed (missing three nails) and his hair is growing back nicely. He is scared to let anyone but me bath or clip him and still doesn't like even me to cut his nails(but I do). But he has come a long way and has put on weight nicely. James told me that even if he takes back the girls he will leave Booze because he trust me. They got him from an abusive home first. Here he can live out his life in comfort.

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