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It was April 22nd of 2006 and my boyfriend and I were driving home from college to visit his parents. They only lived 10 minutes from our campus, so it was a regular drive, regular day or so we thought. My boyfriend saw him first, we were driving on the John C. Lodge Freeway in Detroit and this little black dog was running on the shoulder of the freeway towards the cars. My boyfriend told me and i caught a glimpse of him after we passed. I started crying, and immediately told him to go back around. He did, and we caught him on the opposite side of the freeway, (some how he had crossed it) and he was shaking, and pressed against the wall of an overpass. He was all dirty and I was a little leary of getting to close to him because I thought there was a chance he could attack and bite me. I called him over in a sweet voice and he came a little with his tail between his legs:( He got close enough for me to scoop him up and take him to the car. Once inside he was licking Mat(my b/f) and trying to sit on my lap. I noticed he was hurt because I saw blood on the back seat. On his inner thigh was a huge tennis ball sized gouge out of his leg. You could see a half inch inside his leg. Something awful mustve happened!! We rushed him to the Humane Society where they told us we could leave him there and if his owners or someone did not claim him within four days than he would be put to sleep. WHY? because he is part pitbull or full pitbull they said to me with no emotion on their faces! Once again I broke down and cried and looked into his trusting sweet eyes and said "No I will not let that happen! We're leaving!" It took three months for us to get adjusted, he stayed in Mat's parents garage and backyard until we finished our semester at school,Mats dad nursed him to health while we were away and he kept an eye on the wound and played doctor until it healed and we found a decent apartment with wood floors and a fenced in backyard so he would be comfortable and I wouldnt have to worry about cleaning accidents on carpet!! Now Its almost April 22nd of 2008. Were still all together and life couldnt be Sweeter! This was our miracle story, **My mom always says to me, You know what? God had both of you meet because he needed you just as much as you needed him** (My dog I grew up with back home got hit by a truck, just 5 months before I found My lodge on the freeway)

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