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Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Kingsville, MO

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****Pee Wee****

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About my mom taking me in, yes I am very glad she did because all of my siblings and my dog-mommy died because they had nowhere to go. The town's small animal shelter had closed town just before then because of lack of donations. It is a very sad story I know. Hunter trys to ignore the part about my 8 brothers and sisters and my dog-mother dieing. Hunter had been beging her mom and dad for 2-3 years to let her get her 1st own dog, and they finally said yes. Just after that, Hunter went to her Grandma and Grandpa Warber's house, where her great Uncle lived in a trailer on their 80+ acre property. Hunter had seen me when I was just 5 weeks old and fel in love with me, but now I was almost 1 year old. Hunter's parents were going to buy her a purebred dog of her choice, but she knew she wanted me,and I needed a home, fast. So she asked her parents and they said are you sure you want that dog. Everyone said that because I was considered a savage mutt, butt Hunter saw my heart, so she told evryone proudly that she wanted me, and no other dog but me. She had already asked her Uncle, who was trying his best to find homes for all 10 dogs and he was very delighted, because he knew I would be safe with her. I was Uncle Dean's favorite too. So, Hunter took me home and now evryone makes commonts on how good a dog I am. Really, I was never not a good dog, I was just hungry. Hunter believes I am a doggy miracle that came along at the exact right time. So yes, I am very lucky that Hunter found me and gave me a forever, loving home, along with a brother, Squire. I now have many other siblings though. =-)

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