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We already had one dog, Harley but really wanted a playmate for her. She loved us and we loved her, but we wanted her to have someone to play with during the day while we were at work. So for the next several months, after moving into our house in April of 2000, I looked at dogs available for adoption through the Pet Assistance League at our local PetsMart. I looked every weekend for several weeks, but I just wasn't really sure about any of them. After a few weeks, I saw a small hound dog...with the saddest hound dog eyes I'd ever seen. He seemed so sweet and those eyes! The PAL lady said that if I wanted, I could apply to foster him for a while...to see how well he worked out in our family. I would bring him back every Saturday and he would still be available for adoption. I agreed and called my husband to explain the whole foster pet parent thing. He also thought that was a good idea. That evening when I went home, Harley greeted us at the door. Any concerns that I had about her being jealous of another dog in her house were immediately put to rest. She instantly adopted Duke as "her puppy." It really was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. My husband and I looked at each other and we both said it at the same time, "Well, there's no taking him back now." Duke became an instant member of the Groves Family Zoo thanks to Harley, but truth be told, he had me the second those big brown hound dogs eyes met mine.

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