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Biggie Smalls loves Sally

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Happy Birthday!!!

to you Big Man! I hope you have an amazing day with all of your favourite treats and cake and a big pile of presents to tear through. Happy Birthday! And here's a special birthday vote.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

5/10/2012 12:47:03 AM

oh p.s im gunna get an avitar soon...just wondering what to do this time!

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

5/9/2012 9:23:29 PM

OhMIdog!!! you are gunna have a b-day tomorrow!!! woohoo time to PAWTY!!!! yea!!! I still cant belive you are older than me! but LOTS smaller! BOL! have a great day and cause LOTS of trouble!!! hehehehehehe! bark back soon buddy...we miss barking with you **BLUE** oh yea...bakbakbakbakbakbak

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

5/9/2012 9:22:37 PM

Hey Biggie, share this with Kane, will ya?

Boy! What a Day! What am I saying, What a WEEK! and it's only Wednesday! We have COMPLETELY scrubbed and scoured the Master Bath! We scrubbed out the cat boxes to start using the new cat litter in all 3 boxes!We did all the laundry, picked cherries, ran the sweeper in the back half of the house, All by Tuesday so Mom said we weren't going to do much today...yeah, I've heard that one before, this week as a matter of fact! hehehe So, right off the bat, what does Mom do? She trims Maya's toenails, then mine, no big deal. Then she gets out those scary demon clippers. They seem to have a life of their own if you ask me. So she spends I don't know how long trying to get me to come close enough to touch. When she gets me, I freak at the vibration, she gets me AGAIN, I freak AGAIN but she holds on this time. I finally settle down to having them touch me. Where does she want to trim me? My FEET! OMD! The first foot is a sight to see. Maya wanted to sell tickets, for Heavens Sake. She said it was like that silly WWE wrestling stuff my Aunt Mindi & G'ma watch on the black box! You can't present me, Chewie in that light for all the world to see. I have a reputation to uphold! Mom prevails and the foot gets trimmed. It looks pretty good actually, but I can't surrender too easy. I don't want to look wimpy like that kid in the books, you know the one! I give her enough trouble on foot #2 to be convincing and by #4 we have it down to a science. Next It's little miss show-off's turn. She gets a full body and a face trim.She doesn'r hardly even have to be held. Not even for the face! It figures! Then we clean cat boxes, feed and water birds, wash cat beds and Maya's T-Bear rug, run the sweeper in the front half of the house and by then it's lunchtime! Whew! I'm gettin' tired all over again just writing this! The after lunch, we do the dishes, run and empty the dishwasher, run the swiffer dustmop over the floors, work on the photo album, check emails and had supper. Maya and I are about shot after supervising all this work and making sure Mom got it right. She thinks she was the boss but we just let the old slavedriver bask in her fantasy because we know better, poor naive human! doesn't realize dogs rule the world! After supper she took us both outside, offleash, to get some exercise and boy did we. It was wonderful and we actually were very good and didn't take off! Now we are finally settled in for the evening and I think Mom earned a reward. Maya agreed when I asked her opinion, so we let her hold a chew stick for Maya and Dad got to hold one for me while we ate them! I know it sounds like we spoil them but what can I say, they deserved it! Have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

5/9/2012 8:11:53 PM

Hi Biggie

BroFur Buddy is trying for DOTD tomorrow, Can you come by on Thursday May 10th and give him a vote, he want to be DOTD on his "Gotcha'Day" May 11th. He has a big celebration planned! Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, ♥ Coopie ♥, ♥ Scooby ♥, Buddy

5/9/2012 5:21:11 PM

Hi Biggie

You're welcome! We're just glad to have wonderful friends like you. Went on my therapy visits this morning we seem to be staying longer each week at the assitied living home the residents there have been doing arts and crafts when we've been going and we stay and Mom helps and I wonder around and gets lots of pets and hugs. Sure starts our morning off nice. Well better run. Hope you're having a nice day. Husky Hugs, Bella

Come visit me, * Bella* Thank You for DOTD and I accept the honor in memory of Meika and Rufus RIP My Friends

5/8/2012 6:56:22 PM

Day 8 of our DOTM run Fun Dog Fact If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years! THAT'S WHY I HAVE ALL MINE SPAYED AND NEUTERED !!!! Thanks so much for the vote and support, we left you a vote also. And don't for get to go by the DOTD daily and support them with your votes. Hugs

Come visit me, ., .., ..., ...., ....., ///, /////, Tennessee Pride

5/8/2012 5:59:41 PM

Hi Biggie Smalls

I'm having a pretty nice week. Not doing much, but that's ok. Last night we had a pretty bad thunder storm. Mom put my Thundershirt on and I was fine. It must have rained for a couple of hours. Thank heavens it quit before I went to bed. I sure hate going out in the rain. Now with my cone it's a pain in the butt. Mom has to wipe it down every time I come back inside. Something about we must keep it clean. Moms!! Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Sheba #254588 DOTM for April, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

5/8/2012 5:44:48 PM

Hi Biggie....

You are very welcome. All our DC anniversaries are so important. They let us know how lucky we are to have joined the DC, and all the wonderful and special friends we have made. You are one of those special friends. Wishing you an early Happy Birthday on May 10!! Hope you have a great day, and I'll be back to visit you on your special day...Have a great day, and left a vote...Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda

Come visit me, Takoda 12316 -Happy Easter! - Pls. Vote Sheba 254588 DOTD in April

5/8/2012 11:40:33 AM

Hi Biggie Smalls!

We all wanted to drop by your webpage and congratulate you on your 3rd anniversary on the DC! We hope that you have enjoyed being a member (we certainly have!) and are enjoying your special day! We are sending you a basket of small doggie biscuits, bones, and treats to enjoy for your anniversary! Have a good night, a great week, and we are pawing you a vote! Love & Hugs, Pongo, Gaby, Hope, and Arial

Come visit me, ANGEL - PLEASE VOTE 4 ANGELINA #266490 4 DOTM!! RIP ANGEL MELIAN . . ., ARIAL - Pls vote 4 JOZEE #222582 4 DOTM!! RIP ANGEL MELIAN . . ., DO NOT BLOG, GABY - Vt. 4 JOZEE #222582/ANGEL #266490 4 DOTM!! RIP BEAUTIFUL ANGEL MELIAN . . ., HOPE -PLS VT ANGELINA 266490 4 DOTM!! RIP ANGELS RUFUS & KIPPER . . ., IN MEMORY OF ANGEL SHADOW WOLF 7/03/95 - 9/18/2009, In Memory of Isabella Michelle of Tibet 06/26/2000 - 2013, PONGO - PLEASE VOTE 4 HARLEY 167973/ANGEL 266490 4 DOTM!! RIP ANGEL RUFUS . . . .

5/7/2012 6:40:54 PM

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