Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14

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Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14

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Saw him on the NYCACC website and drove to Brooklyn to meet him. He was sick, so we took him home the Monday before Thanksgiving so he wouldn't have to spend the holiday in the shelter or get worse - found out the day before Thanksgiving that he had pneumonia. He would have probably died if we'd left him. We got him better and the saga continues!

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Hey All! Voting starts today for the avatar contest, on page #64206, I appreciate any votes! So there were Tsunami warnings yesterday, but mom was kind of out of the loop with that whole thing, But she remembered hearing maybe 1-3 foot waves and possibly 6. but we don't think that happened, we live about 30min. from the coast. So we are pretty close but not too much. We are all safe and well! Sorry we didn't get online yesterday :( Mom totally had the time to but she kind of let that time run out, She was suppose to be over here on the computer at 4pm! She didn't end up getting here until 7pm and then she was spending time with her family. So she started un-packing boxes in her new room, and then she did a few and then she just kinda started doing the rest! So her whole room is pretty much un-packed already. Along with the kitchen. We are moving the rabbit hutches today! Then mom will come up to Chips house and take me to the new house! She says she will put my bed in front of the fireplace, Technically it is a 'fire'place, but there is no wood, just gas powered fire that looks like a real fireplace! But its still really warm! The kitchen, except all the vases, is un-packed too. The office & storage room probably won't be un-packed for awhile. Bol. Our first night will be tonight! Thank you all for the blogs to Mercedes on her one year anniversary and her birthday, We have a feeling she had lots of fun on the bridge celebrating, while knowing we miss & love her too. Have a good weekend, Licks & Love ♥ Zoey Lynn

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

3/12/2011 8:45:39 AM

Hi Rocky

It's nice to meet you. I'm part Rottweiler myself so it's an honor to paw you a DOTD vote. Hope to see you as our newest award winner in the morning! Hugs, ~Spike~

Come visit me, ♥ Angel Scout ♥, ♥ Angel Spike (5/5/97-5/3/11) ♥ ~February 2016 DOTM~, ☆ Ginger ☆, ☆ SAMMIE ☆

3/12/2011 7:53:13 AM

Hi Rocky

What a great family you have to take you even when you were sick. We are so glad they found you. Left you a vote

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

3/12/2011 7:31:13 AM


Leaving a Sat vote for you:) Hope all is well for you and your family...Tha Angel boyz & Sally

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

3/12/2011 6:22:31 AM

Hi Rocky

Nice to meet you.

Come visit me, Bella-

3/12/2011 5:49:57 AM

voted for you

Come visit me, Pepper- Thanks Bella for vote 9000

3/12/2011 5:29:02 AM

Hi ya Rocky

Boy oh boy, you're a handsome dude. Mom loves Rotties and had to come by a take a peek at you. Here's a vote for ya big guy!! So glad you got rescued when you did and have a great family to take care of you. We're sure you take good care of them too! Have a great weekend Rocky! Woofs Riley & Chipper

Come visit me, Riley Chipper Ruby ~~Find us on Facebook~~

3/12/2011 3:57:21 AM

Hello! Sorry I didn't get on yesterday. Mom did like all of the moving yesterday. Well boxes anyway. Mostly the big furniture now and a few boxes. First night will probably be Saturday. Hopefully anyways. Mom still needs a flatbed trailer or a big truck and the person who owns it to help us move the rabbit hutches! Might be able to get Chips owner to help us out. But he has been busy lately. So not sure yet. Mom can't wait to live closer to her cousin, her cousin doesn't have very many people to talk to and mom and her are practically sisters that don't live together. They talk and do things together all the time. So that should be good for them and I will get to make new doggy friends! Anyway mom has some personal stuff going on with her and her really good friend is going through some stuff as well, so sorry if we dont blog everyday. We are also remebering our angel Mercedes on her one year at rainbow bridge is today and her 17th birthday (is) would've been tomorrow. Hope you have a good evening. Licks & Love ♥ Zoey

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

3/10/2011 4:50:48 PM

Hi Rocky,My name is Zoey, Would you like to be friends? -Zoey lynn-

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

3/8/2011 4:24:30 PM


All our snow has melted. It looks like a swimming pool in the back yard. Mom said I may need a life jacket to go outside!! hehe That is so cool you have flowers starting to come up. I can't wait for spring and summer:) BBS Sally

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

3/7/2011 5:00:59 PM

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