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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

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Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

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Mom and Dad adopted me from the pound when I was just a baby puppy on the day that I was going to be put down. They love me and I love them!

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be bop a bella boo...

how are u??? bol/bol :) we r both very lucky to have each other as dear friends i would say. db says: happenin'!!!(don't ask me :)) parting is such sweet sorrow...sounds sort of familiar, doesn't it??? bol. we hope that u and your family have a wonderful evening xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ol

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5/8/2012 4:04:37 PM


ZZZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....dreaming of cake....ZZZZZ

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/8/2012 3:20:28 AM

My Bella Boo

Move over...I can't sleep so I came to cuddle and listen to your gentle snore...wait..that's Lulu! Can't go any where without my baby sis following me and look...she's already cuddled in and dreaming! Mom loved talking to your mom but I think we already knew that, I don't think mom has ever had a near seven hour phone call. Cheers..thanks a lot! Hehe! Just watched an episode about Christmas....too funny! Love you, sweet dreams and muzzle nuzzles....your Smooshy

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/8/2012 12:39:49 AM

Hi Good Bella Boo vote 11622

Ummmmm wish we had a Pandamonium. I can smell it. yummmy. Hope you are having a great Monday. Loved the pictures of EL Guapo. So cute. What a sweet face. Thank you so much Auntie Susan. You are so sweet. Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/7/2012 6:08:02 PM

oh my most beguiling bella boo

how did u know that we love that song??? that was a most wonderful blog that u left us :) we r without a doubt, blessed to have u for a furrriend!!! till tomorrow my bewitching boxer of beauty: oompa xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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5/7/2012 4:05:01 PM

Sweet Pea

We are running by real quick...Zoooom... Zoosie kept us up ALL night..we had more bad storms..we even lost a tree;( I hope You had a great weekend! XOXO..Love and Lop-sided smooches..Your Pea ;)'

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5/6/2012 6:47:40 PM

Lil' Sis Bella...

Thanks for coming to our family Bar-B-Q. Your dad makes the most delicious cheesecake. (YUMMY) My family enjoyed meeting you. My human brother said, it was fun to play with you. They all love you even my kitty siblings. I love you, too, Lil' Sis. You are very loveable. It was fun to have Noah and Byron over, too. Have a great night! Your Big Bro, Kane

Come visit me, ~Kane~Thnx Grant for vote 25,400

5/6/2012 6:23:28 PM

thanks my beguiling bb+

obviously mother nature heard what u said and sun is now out as we speak!!! it sounds like fun to run through the sprinkler. im sure if they put a piece of chicken on the other side, i would seriously consider it bol/bol happy sunday xoxoxo oompa the loompa(not exactly sure what a loompa is, but i think i like the sound of it :))

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

5/6/2012 1:10:37 PM

Good Morning Good Bella Boo

I missssssssssssssssssss you. Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/6/2012 6:50:43 AM

My Bella Boo

Mom found the episodes she hasn't seen and spent too much time watching some of them last night. Oh sweetie, just absolutely fabulous darling...hehehe! I love you, muzzle nuzzles and slobbery smooches, Your Smooshy

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/5/2012 6:01:38 PM

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