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****ATTENTION PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH IF YOU VOTED FOR ME THIS MONTH**** First off thank you for this great honor and I would go on a lot longer on the thank you but I don't want to lose any reader to boredom before the important part so moving on. Second, since each of my friends and supporters are unique to themselves I made them a special little gift that is on this page: ~~~~Now I didn't quite finish making everybody's though so if you look through them and don't find one with your name on it just leave a comment on that page(for all I care just leave a period) so that we know who we didn't do. Some of the names might be repeated because it was really hard to keep track of who we did and who was left so it just really helps if you could tell us if we didn't do you. To get the picture you can click on it to make it big, then right click and on the little menue that pops up hit save picture as and then just hit save and upload it to your page like you would any other picture. hope yall enjoy and again, if you don't see yours just leave a lil comment and I'll work on it as soon as possible!


King Angel Romeo and the kinda queen Angel Sandy*THANK YOU!*

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Romeo: My mother's friend worked at a dog training place and these people kept bring their dog in after they had just trained him. it turns out they just weren't dog people so my mom's friend took him home and gave him to my mom and now he's mine. He died the night of february 20th 2012 after falling in our swimming pool and we didn't even know he was out side so he drowned... Sandy, well I'm not really sure how we got her my parents always just said we got her from a lady who no longer wanted her but both Sandy and Romeo were both all ready in our home when I was born so these are just what I've been told.

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Hi Romeo

Leaving you vote 1,557 tonight. Congratulations on running for DOTM! You will surely have your campaign ready by December. I will vote you. I see your DOTD wins are in December, so it is a good month for you. Have a great weekend! Love, Henry

Come visit me, Henry McWagger (Wags)~GO SEAHAWKS!

1/28/2012 8:20:10 PM


• Oh how we love the Chow Chow Gals!! We are running Elvira for dotd today and ask you for votes. Along side of her, we will add her goat Buddy, SNAP!! So it will be a double trouble race, bol! They live in Texas and they are always attending Charity events to help raise money for dog shelters. They dress up really pretty and strut their stuff! A wonderful and sweet DC family! They've been on the channel since September 4th, 2007. Please vote Elvira 39275 and Snap on Thursday! . •°•°• •°•° Happy Birthday: Becky, AlaGang Momma 43042 :•: Teddy 196590 :•: Ruby Rose 121766 •°•°• •°•° JAN 2012 -:¦:- RUNNERS OF THE MONTH -:¦:- DOTM: HONEY 218255 COTM: PAPPOOSE KNIGHT 10366 . TEAM DOTD NEWS :•: THURSDAY :•: 1/26/12

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~ Were Voting ~4~ BRANDI #276491 DOTM in May ~*~ Congrats Queen Lokje, DOTM Top Dog ~4~ April ~*~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ~*♥*~ Lovingly, Dearest Angels ~~Alabama Gang~ `†`Angel Skipper`†` {5/14/2016} #43042 ~*♥*~ `†`Angel Kane`†` {7/1/2008-11/20/2015} #65299 ~*~Were Voting ~4~ BRANDI #276491 DOTM in May~*~ Congrats Queen Lokje, DOTM Top Dog ~4~ April, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ~*♥*~ Lovingly, Dearest Angels ~~Alabama Gang~ `†`Angel Skipper`†` {5/14/2016} #43042 ~*♥*~ `†`Angel Kane`†` {7/1/2008-11/20/2015} #65299 ~*~Were Voting ~4~ BRANDI #276491 DOTM in May~*~ Congrats Queen Lokje, DOTM Top Dog ~4~ April

1/26/2012 1:30:46 AM

hi Romeo

Woof's & Bark's Club members woof woof today is a special day for two of our members Maddie & Shellie today is their birthday let's all bark & woof a happy birthday to them stop by their page and wish them a pawsom & furrific birthday, here's a vote with sheltie hugs & kisses Prisedient Rosie

Come visit me, Delilah thank you all for DOTD, In loving memory of Angel Shelly, Rosie, Shetland Sheepdog Club

1/25/2012 11:01:29 AM

Hi Romeo! Thanks for the Welcome!

Hi Romeo thanks for the warm welcome to Dog Channel. My master and I are just getting used to using the site. Please keep me in your prayers, as I train to look after my sweet master and new mommy. She is disabled and I am trying to learn to look after her special needs. I really appreciate having doggie friends to talk too and encourage me along my adventure. Nice talking to you and look forward to talking to you! Big Hugs! Ellie from Sunny Florida!

Come visit me, Ellie Johnson

1/24/2012 11:38:11 AM

Thank you for the visit & vote and for being my furiend for the past year. On Fri. I went to visit the vet for my annual checkup and to get my shots. The vet said I had gained 4 pounds since my last checkup, he did not say anything else but Mom told me that she is concerned and that we(both) must try to eat properly and get more active. Oh! This will not be easy, hope that I will still get my treats. Maybe we can play more.

Come visit me, Keshia

1/23/2012 8:01:42 PM

Hey everyone!

Please vote for Mako the Chow Chow to be dotd tomorrow! Thanks guys!

Come visit me, Bandit, Goliath, Tuck

1/21/2012 7:19:19 AM

Hi guys

I have been good. A little frustrated with DC and mommy. I thought mommy was lying to me when she said she couldn't get on dc but then I tried and she was telling the truth! DC kept giving us an error message saying the service was unavailable! So frustrating. I am glad today we have not had problems! Leaving you a vote and wishing you a lovely evening!

Come visit me, Toby-Thanks for the well wishes. Mommy is spoiling me like crazy!!

1/19/2012 7:48:05 PM

My Surprise!

Oh boy what a great day! I got up early and logged on mom's computer and I got the best surprise! I couldn't believe it - a surprise DOTD for me! Thank you everyone for this special day. We've been away from Dogchannel for awhile but recently started coming back. It is so nice to be visiting with so many old friends and meeting so many new friends! Thank you again everyone for making this day extra special and for putting a smile on me and my mom's face! I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to visiting with you all again soon! Love, Cheyenne Silvermoon

Come visit me, Cheyenne Silvermoon RIP my sweet girl, Chippewa "Chip" Silvermoon RIP my sweet little man (Bum)

1/19/2012 12:22:07 PM

hi Romeo

I'am happy to anounce two new members to our club BREEZE who is members Sky & Alex's brother and SOPHIE who is Sister to my Austin & Mozie let's woof & bark welcome to them both and stop by their page , P.S. check out the new profile picture that Riley put together for us let's give him a big woof & Bark, here's a vote with Sheltie hugs & kisses President Rosie

Come visit me, Delilah thank you all for DOTD, In loving memory of Angel Shelly, Rosie, Shetland Sheepdog Club

1/18/2012 11:34:24 AM

Hello Romeo

Hi your a cutie.Hope we can be pals.Here's a vote for a cute lil sheltie.Hey thats funny me and my mama were watching Gnomeo and juliet!Bark Back Soon! ♥ Faith

Come visit me, ♥ Rhino ♥ Back after so long :)

1/18/2012 7:57:47 AM

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