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Duncan seems so lost without Cinder-Ella. He would barely eat his food. Been carrying around her toy hedgehog and even fell asleep with it in his mouth. Hoping with the back to back trips we have to go on and our move, he will be okay. I need him as much as he needs me right now. Missing her terribly!


Duncan- Birthday Boy!!!

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military family was getting called out to service and had to find him a new home, and my son drove many miles to bring him home to me for Christmas.....it was love at first sight

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Hi Duncan

Hi Duncan. When I was little my feet were Huge! My owner said I looked funny

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7/26/2009 1:29:05 PM

Hi Duncan

Since I'm friends with your sister I was wondering if you want to be my friend? Voted for you.

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7/26/2009 9:22:56 AM


♥ ♥ ♥ I was my Mommy's "favorite" Birthday present and my life brought her much joy as hers did mine! I am Angel Sam (2164) and I am floating by to ask you for a dotd vote on Saturday, July 25th. I've been on the DC a very long time and no badge, gasp!! I moved to the RBBridge in May 08, and oh how I miss my Mommy and she misses me. Let's work together to cheer her heart! Thanks, Angel Sam 2164. Saturday Happy Birthday's: Turbo 42076, Callie's Mom, Blinda 98724, Jack 59510, Bindi Lee 41979 and Soliel 69854 http://www. dogchannel.com/blog/viewbio.aspx?apid=2164

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7/25/2009 12:41:14 AM

Hi Duncan!

Good morning, Big guy! It's Ginger! How is your day so far? I'm sooo tired from agility last night! I won two gold medals and Crystal won a Gold and a silver. I think that if Cinderella tryed, she could definetly do agility. But you would be better at a strength competition or somethign like that for big dogs. Hehe, I think it's funny that you got stuck in the tunnel. Ok, I think it's time for Momma to go to work, so I'll bark back later in the evening! Have a great day! BBS! Love and Aussie hugs, Ginger

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7/24/2009 8:10:03 AM

<>Please vote Candy 145253 DOTD 7/24/09, Friday<>

<>Please vote Candy 145253 DOTD 7/24/09, Friday<> Hi, my name is Candy, I am running for DOTD 7/24/09, for a win on the 25th. Please come by and drop off a vote so I have a chance to win! Thanks so much! ~Candy~

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7/23/2009 10:47:49 PM

heyyy long time no talk glad your doing well ... i have been good to same as allway ... ttyl BUD

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7/22/2009 2:10:13 PM


Glad to have you back from your trip all safe and sound. I can understand the heat being hard on you with that thick coat of yours. Mom gets me clipped every 6 weeks so that I stay cool in the summer and to get rid of any knots. So you played in the water alot while you were gone? Sounds like fun. Duncan

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7/22/2009 10:22:59 AM

Hi Duncan

Thanks for visitng me and saying hello. Glad to hear that you are going on vacation! Never been to the Outer Banks, but my mom says it is beautiful there. I don't like the heat though. I am taking more baths and mom dumps cool water on me from the hose to cool me off inthe yard. I like digging holes to find cool dirt to lay in....makes mom crazy! BOL! Anyway, hope to see you back on here soon. Have a great vacation! Left a vote for you! Woof! Nikita

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7/21/2009 4:01:53 PM


Please vote for me #18686 on July 22nd for DOTD. This win would mean so much to me, for you see the 23rd is my Mom's birthday and for her to see my picture in the frame of fame would be fantastic. My name is Duncan MacLeod. Yes, I was named after the Highlander, but also after a real clan in Scotland. I am a West Highland White Terrier that is 2 yrs. old. I am Sgt. at Arms for the Westie Club, Paper Boy for the Peace Team, A-Team Tug-O-War Master and Treasurer of the Terrier Club. I am also a member of All Breed Club, DC Friendship Club, BPM, DC Pure Breed Club and the DC Sports Club. I have been on DC for 2 and 1/2 years and will be running for DOTM in March 2010. For fun I play catch me if you can and tug-o-war. For exercise I chase lizards and squirrels around my backyard, but I never hurt them. I am also a companion to my mother who is a disabled veteran and diabetic. So please vote for me on July 22nd for a win on July 23rd. Thank you!!! Duncan 18686

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7/21/2009 3:23:38 PM

Welcome back guys!

Hi Dunckers! Hi Cinders! It's Gingers! I missed you both! I'm very glad it ws your last vacation! Now let's get back on track. I decided to run for DOTD on October 10th! Woohoo! I'm very happy. How have you guys been holding up in the heat? I heard that you, Cinder, have been doin' fine, but you, Duncan, has been having trouble! If you go inside, tell your Momma to wrap a cool, not cold, damp cloth on your neck. That should do the trick. And cinder, I'm so glad your doing well again! Let me tell you, Pepper has missed you. I think he finds you attracting...Hehe. Momma recently made me a website. It's www.GingertheAussie.webs.com Check it out! It's not finished, but it's close to it. So what do you have planned for the rest of the summer? I'm going to Iowa for a family reunion, but that's it. The rest of the time it's be swimming or playing or relaxing. Oh and doing agility. And don't worry Duncan, I get weighed down when I'm swimming, too. That is, if I'm not shaved yet! Daddy says my hair grows too fast for a dog. Ok, enough about me. You guys have a wonderful rest- of-the-week! BBS! Love and BIG hugs, Ginger

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7/21/2009 7:45:31 AM

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