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~WEDNESDAY~~it was 91° today and very's Avon lady came over today then mom met Dee for lunch wen she came home she and did laundry....the cats are going to help her fold later...hehe.... hope you had a nice day....


Angel Lita for GRANT # 264816~ DOTM

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she was a birthday gift for my son from his aunt and uncle who had her mother...she was one of the sweetest dogs and would let the kids dress her up and wheel her around in the doll carriage she went over the rainbow bridge in 1982 at 16 years old and is missed very much---please &

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After all the snoop'n around I did in them X-FILES, I finally found what I was look'n for. Milla's Milestones will finally explain in PART 3 just what I did find out! Here's a Minny Pinny hug and a Friday vote just for you! Have a great day cuz "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!" ~LUV~ Milla


1/16/2009 4:28:20 AM

Hello there!

Thanks for coming by again. You are sweet. We can't believe how cold it is around the country. We are having 70 degree temps. here in CA. We are glad to not be in the ice & snow. I wish you warmth & snuggles to your family. We also pray for the animals outside & hope that they are safe. Talk later. Doxie kisses,

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1/15/2009 11:52:58 PM

Hi Angel Lita,

It's about 15* out right now here! We go out to potty and come right back in! Had alittle snow here this morning! I was running around in it like a nut as usual! :) hehe. Mom was laughing at me! Jasmine always wants right back in. Hope you're keeping warm tonight! Hugs, Willow

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1/15/2009 4:37:25 PM


heyyyyyyy whats up lita??? hehe i almost got stuck 2 the ground 2day!!!c we got 2 the -15s &16s and i was standing 4 a min and then i was called by mommie and tryd 2 go but couldnt!!!sooooo mommie got me a treat and then that got me tryn harder. hope that dsnt happn 2 u!!! well g2g now bye bye!!! bbs hugs molly!!!

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1/15/2009 2:03:02 PM

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10/29/2008 10:20:43 AM

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