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~*♥*~ Nonnie, kissing your tears away ~*♥*~ Please don't mourn for me as I'm still here, I'm right by your side every night `n` day, softly in your Heart, I long to stay. I'm everything you feel, see `n` hear. My spirit is free, I'll never depart as long as you keep me in your Heart. I'm the brightest Star on a Summer night, never beyond your reach, I'm the colorful leaves when fall comes `n` pure white snow that blankets the ground. I'm the beautiful flowers of which your so fond of. I'm the first blossom you'll see in the Spring. The warmest rain drops surrounding ~ you the day I was called home. I'm the first ray of light when the Sun rises in the morn. Moonbeams stream from Heaven to You, in the mist of the night. As you talk to me through the Lord, I'll whisper my answer through floating feathers, floating to your touch. You'll feel my presence `n` love in softest Summer breeze. I'm the hot salty tears that flow when you weep, surrounding you in beautiful dreams that come while you sleep. Just look for me Nonnie, I'm every place as one with you ~*♥*~ Angel Hugs* Love* Kisses* `LiL Sissy` † Angel Taylonnie † {10/10/08~9/5/11}


*♥* `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11}  *♥* Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588  ~APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March

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..~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ Our Sweetest LiL SisterBeloved Angel TaylonnieOct. 10, 2008~Sept. 5, 2011~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ And God asked Taylonnie the furling spirit are you ready to come home?Oh, yes, quite so, replied the Precious Soul. And, as a furling, you know I am most able, to decide anything for myself.Are you coming then? asked God.Soon, replied Sweetest Precious Taylonnie,.But I must come slowly, for my Nonnie, Momma, sissys' Tiffany, Audrina, Gracie, MIA, you see, they need me, quite certainly.But don’t they understand? asked God that you’ll never leave them? That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity? That nothing is created or destroyed?It just is….forever and ever and ever. Eventually they will understand,Replied Taylonnie, the glorious furling. For I will whisper into their hearts that I am always with them ♥ I am just am…forever and ever and ever ♥ ~ ♥ ~ LiL Sissy Angel Taylonnie ~ ♥. Forever In-Our-Hearts . ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ Resting on a Saturday afternoon, saw an ad for Imperial Shih Tzu, breeder gave me website address; there was our Puff Muffin looking back at us..Our Sweetest Sissy Taylonnie our Forever Earthly Angel.~ ♥ ~ ~ ♥ ~ ~ ♥ ~

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Mom is answering our kitties' blogs today, so this blog is written by our Top Cat, Simba! Hope you like it, He! He! Mom decided to tackle an ambitious project on this rainy day, and that is to try to catch up on all blogs since April 1st. And do it on an iPad even! She can hold it in her lap but overall, does not like it to blog. It's great for reading a book though! Does your family use a tablet to blog? Do they like it? RESIDENT SPRAYER: Peanut is still up to his old tricks, Mom never knows where she will find his latest territory marking. But she thinks she has finally gotten to the cause. The lady across the street told Mom she has a lot of feral cats hanging around and is feeding them. They are coming into our yard and spray marking our front porch. Mom thinks that leaving our windows open is letting in the scent of strange cats, which is triggering the spray response in Peanut. We are now keeping the windows shut and Mom has offered to help catch the homeless cats and take them to the no-kill shelter. ELDERLY CATS: five of our cats, Big Black, Angel, Goldy, Sweetie Pie, and Bitsy Boo Boo will be 15 this Summer. All were Granny's fur babies before she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Mom is amazed at how well a kitty seems to do at age 15 since we have never had a doggie live past the age of 12 1/2. We have always had big dogs though we think the small ones are longer lived. Dad always said a dog should work for his supper by guarding his Big Boy Toys so we've always had at least one GSD. We work too --- on mouse patrol! SPEAKING OF KITTENS! Be sure to run by and see the absolutely gorgeous kittens on Bee Gee's page #210564.. Mom Val rescued the Mama Cat just before she delivered her babies in Mom Val's closet! Also please go by and leave a COTD vote for today's hopeful, Dasher #225951. This sweet kitty is hoping to win his first badge! Hugs, purrs, and a vote for you, Ole Bullet and the doggies, Simba and the kitties, and all the BHG family

Come visit me, Ole Bullet and Sheba and Nubbin THANK YOU FRIENDS!

4/16/2012 10:51:57 AM

Sweet Angel Taylonnie

Sometime I would like you to visit with me and we can cuddle up real close so the night air isn't so cold. We can watch our earthly families from the stars and tell each other stories about our time with them. It will be fun. Thanks for coming by my page. A Sprinkling of Angeldust and Magical Mist, Angel Anakin

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

4/16/2012 7:14:19 AM

A vote and kisses from Tiny in your memory.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/16/2012 1:36:13 AM

-:¦:-♥-:¦:-Hi Taylonnie!-:¦:-♥-:¦:-

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for remembering me on my birthday....and not only that, but letting me know too ;) It means very much to mom that you came by. She still misses me so much. Everyone who has lost a beloved pet never will get completely over it, but having loving friends around you makes it a lot easier. Thank you for being our friends....and grrreat ones at that! Pawing a vote and sending you lots of xoxo's from your friend furever....Angel Indigo ♥

Come visit me, ♥ Yukon & Peaka ♥ Happy Winter!, ., .., Indigo ♥ In Most Loving Memory ♥

4/15/2012 9:58:33 PM


Thanks for coming by with the ad for the DOTD, We are leaving here and run over there to leave a silent vote. That way they won't feel they have to do a thank you. Coming by with a vote for you tucked in a basket of fresh picked Spring flowers! My Mom has been really busy helping Dad get our flower garden and vegetable gardens done. So far they have the green beans planted and then Dad's tiller coughed its last breath. So today he spent the day working on the tiller carburetor and Mom went away for the day to give some friends a helping paw on the computer. Leaving you many hugs, purrs, happy tail wags, and a vote for you, Ole Bullet and the doggies, Simba and all the kitties, and all the BHG family

Come visit me, Ole Bullet and Sheba and Nubbin THANK YOU FRIENDS!

4/13/2012 3:14:16 PM

Hello Angel Tay

A hug and a vote for you. Your Pal, Kane

Come visit me, ~Kane~Thnx Takoda for vote 17,100

4/13/2012 8:52:59 AM

Just a question

How was/is "Taylonnie" Pronounced? "Tay-LOH-nee" or "Tay-LAW-nee" or something different?

Come visit me, Butler, Missi Mae, Ruby Rose

4/12/2012 1:57:41 PM

4/11/2012 6:29:11 PM

Hi Sweet Angel Tay!

How are you doing today little lady? Sending BIG snugglies up to you and BIG Uncle Wishy kissies. :)

Come visit me, Wishbone

4/11/2012 12:44:45 PM

Thanks for sharing in Tiny's special day today. Leaving a vote in memory of you both.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/11/2012 12:30:18 AM

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