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*Kasidee* Is DOTD today, August 3, 2016. Thank you so much!! We were very surprised and honored, too!! Kasidee has grown up on the dog channel among many special friends. She came to the channel on Feb. 20, 2007, 9 yrs ago. She was part of the original TEXAS TRIO! Franklin, Baby and Kasidee. They have preceded her in heaven, but one sweet day, they will be together again forever!! Thanks again for this special day!! Kasi



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She was a shelter dog until we found her at the Spca (1/31/06), where I later started to volunteer because of the inspiration she gave to me for homeless animals. She did immediately connect with our other Lab, Franklin and in time connected with our mixed breed, Baby. A great FIT For LIFE FOR SURE!! (She lost her Sissy, (13yo) Baby 8/17/09, and gained a new Sissy, CS, 8/24/09. And sadly she lost (2yo) CS 10/7/11 to cancer.)

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Hi Kasidee

What a day! Mom left early this morning & I thought she was never coming back! She said she worked at the church Fair! Sabrina came up & talked to us a couple of times but we wanted Mommy! I was SO happy when she came home. She had a phone call from her friend Mary telling her Terry, another Auntie, came thru her surgery well. So far so good! I am so glad cause she has two doggies too, and if they are anything like me, they must be missing their Mommy very much! PACO!

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11/12/2011 4:04:07 PM

Left a blog on Bella's page and leaving a vote for you too.

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11/6/2011 2:10:37 PM

Hi Kasidee

I wanted to stop and say hello while we were in Texas. Pawing you a vote, Love Cessna

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11/4/2011 10:59:36 AM


oh yes we love seeing the photos from the IHOP excursion. always fun!! dont know why they wont take you though. so glad that Bella is so loved. we just knew she would be. had a nice drizzly day here, cool and windy. super day to stay in and so we did. same tonight. so you know we cant wait to get out to the hut. opa is going to have eye surgery on the day before Thanksgiving and then on the other eye on the 7th. he seems happy about that. we may have mentioned, but you know mom cant remember but we are going to Gatlinburg on the 11th. we may be gone for 3 days or maybe 5 not sure yet. i cant wait. leaving you a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and some more homemade chicken jerky. wishing you a fantastic night and a fabulous tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


11/3/2011 8:03:52 PM


Thank you for coming to see me. My ear is still yucky, but we are doing everything we can to get it cleared up without surgery. I am so sorry you can't go to IHOP with your family. That is another nice thing about New Orleans. A lot of restaurants allow pups. I have never been, but Maggie used to get to go a lot. Mama says if I was as well behaved as Maggie was I could go too. Do they at least bring home doggie bags for you? We have been having all kinds of problems with our email and didn't even know that Bella was having her surgery Tuesday. We are so glad she is feeling a little better and was able to play with you and most of all that she feels like eating again. Mama sure gets worried when we don't eat. Not that that has ever been problem for me. I will pretty much eat any thing any time. Right now it is a daily challenge to get enough of something in Beau just to get his meds in him. I still can't decide if Christmas or Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mama usually cooks whatever Dad wants for Thanksgiving and that means sweet potatoes and I do love sweet potatoes, but Christmas is her birthday so she cooks what she wants--usually prime rib and twice baked potatoes--and we always have cake and she is nice enough that even though she is a chocoholic she always bakes a vanilla cake so we can share. Nice Mama. All this talk of food is making me hungry so I think I am going to see if I can talk Mama into at least a couple of bites of the roast she cooked to try to tickle Beau's appetite. Take care my friends. Have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you later. Love, Tess

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11/3/2011 1:07:13 PM

`.`.`.`. PRINCESS KASI `.`.`.`.`.

Beautiful Main Photo `.`.`.`.` Sweetest Princess `.`.`.`.` Surrounding you beautiful Autumn Day `.`.`.`. `.`.`.` ........(¯`•´¯) .........-`•.¸.•´ `.`.`.♥ .♥ ♥ .`.`.` `.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.` There's a Miracle of Friendship that dwells within the heart..♥ And you don't know how it happens ..Or where it gets its start.. But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift.. And you realize that Friendship ..Is one of God's great Gifts K E E P . T H I S . G O I N G ! ! ! * P A S S . A L O N G . T O . A L L * O F . Y O U R . F R I E N D S ! ! ! . `.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.` Hugs* Hug* Hugs* Las Vegas Gals

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11/3/2011 12:20:22 PM

Getting Excited in Texas . Thanksgiving is our Mom's favorite holiday, so it's ours too .. Dad actually bought a new oven for the kitchen so his pies will all bake pretty this year .. bol! Every Thanksgiving morning our pawrents get up early and leave the house for awhile, then when they come back they have the whole family with them and we celebrate a Birthday! (They go to IHOP for Breakfast with their whole family, Grandkids come in P.J.'s .. new ones yearly that Mom buys them. They apparently have a very good time, but for some REASON they won't take us too~booo!) Thanks for all your love and care when we lost our baby girl CS .. we miss her so much. We adore Bella and now share everything we got with her and sleep with her/beside her, etc.. she had big girl surgery Tues, and today she feels a little better and played with us a little, she's also now eating again. Whewwwwee .. Life is always good! Hugs, TxFurKids

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11/3/2011 12:01:20 PM

In the past week I have delivered six votes to you. This is the day I clear off my web page. Hope you had a good Halloween, we had about 60 kids drop by. At first I was excited then later it was a chore to keep going to the door. I wore my pumpkin outfit, it was nice and warm but I was happy to take it off. Mom tried to upload a picture of me in my outfit but that did not work out well.

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10/31/2011 9:26:11 PM

Oh! Kasi! I love your outfit. Thoughs glasses are so cool. Have a great evening. Isabella kisses

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10/27/2011 4:12:47 PM

Hi Kasidee

Our eyes spied you in the news! I am glad you are sharing with Bella..that is very sweet of you..and I know your Mom is very proud of you. Have a great night. Giant hugs..Xena, Zeus, and Sam ;)

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10/26/2011 7:02:45 PM

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