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Mom and I are very sad that DC is going away in a few days. We are thankful for getting to know all of our friends and sure will miss you all. Keep safe and if you want to keep in touch with us here is mom's email. raydogs2@gmail.com We love you all. Kisses, Angel Shotgun, Angel Squint and Mom Debbie


♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Angel Scooby #176110 July DOTM!

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no cone, no donut!! you are free at last. i bet it will take some getting used, but i know you will do it. hey we all have some missteps. mom says she does all the time. so glad you and mom have been having some fun walks. that is always good. Well this has been a busy few days. First what a surprise to see me in the big frame. Don’t know how that happened, but we are thankful for all our friends. Mom has been having a weird few days. First off on our big shopping day, mom checked her account and someone had hacked into and charged a ton of itunes. Boy was that upsetting. We had to spread our big shopping over a few days and that just made things worse for mom. However that meant I got to the library park 3 times, hehe. things are getting better with her account and we have faith it will be all fixed soon. mom had a great but busy birthday yesterday. She got her favorite cake from our favorite bakery. Full of icing of course. We do apologize for not being on here the past few days, but things have just been crazy. We will try to do better soon, but it will probably after this week. next week both of mom’s shows are ending so I know she will have a lot more time. unfortunately with her shows this week and trying to get things situated with her account and some other things, we will most definitely be offline till about Thursday. I plan to get her to use it that extra time for me, hehe. so sorry for this c/p. thanks for being our dear friends. Thanks for being you. dropping off a vote and some cheesy lasagna from last night and some of mom’s birthday cake for you tonight. Had to grab that cake while she wasn’t looking or she might have bitten me, hehe. All our love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


5/20/2012 6:44:08 PM

Hi Shotgun..

We just saw your update and the wonderful pictures! You are SOOOO handsome..and your smile is SOOOO bright! Seeing those pics made our day! We are so happy to hear how great you're doing! If you haven't noticed, my Mom thinks you're irresistible! Ok, we all think that..tehehe. Have a wonderful night! XO..GIANT hugs and tons of smooches..Xena :)

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5/20/2012 6:14:56 PM


Well I think I did pretty good this past week. I only tore up 2 sqeaky toys and peed on the floor at the office only once. Yesterday when we walk home I like to grab the leash in my mouth and pull on it. Well, I guess somehow I managed to get the leash wrapped around my Mom's bad ankle and then I pulled on the leash. Well Mom let out this yell cause apparently the leash rubbed on her skin where she has a plate that was used to put her ankle back together. She got a nice leash burn. I didn't know that she even had a plate under her skin. I can't help it if she didn't tell me. She said it still hurts today. I guess the plate lies just under the skin and she can fell everything!!. Today she was outside on the deck using that power washer again. It took her 5 hours to get the deck clean. When she came in her jeans were soaking wet and had dirt all over them. She left her shoes outside and went into her bathroom. She put her towel on the floor in front of the shower to use at a later time or so she thought. She took off her jeans in the shower and hosed all the dirt off before she put them in the washing machine. When she was done she noticed that the towel was gone and I was running around the house with it. Mom has to learn that when she puts things on the floor it's game on. I'll take anything that is not nailed down!!! Well that is all that I did in 1 week. I don't know if I am getting better or worse. Hope you all have a good night. Hopie Too

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5/20/2012 1:54:50 PM


So sorry for being gone for so long, again. Mom was pretty sick for the past four weeks, and one of our cats, CoCoa, got in a fight. and she never gets in fights so that was weird, but she had a pretty bad cut on her ear. Its almost completley healed now, thank goodness. Plus the normal business of life, just haven't had time for the computer lately. And the kind of internet we have, through moms phone, has been really slow and not really working well lately. But we have also been enjoying the sunshine. Yes, sun! Two weeks of mostly 70 degree weather. That felt like summer to us. Really warm compared to normal. So everyone was out in there shorts and what not. Mom is just thinking about later on in Aug./Sept. when its gonna be like 85-90 degrees. That's real summer! But now we are getting back into the normal routine of 50/60's rainy cloudy weather. Dang. Mom has been baking too. She says she likes it better than cooking. (Like dinners and stuff) She made some little french donut things that were really good. I got some that didn't have powdered sugar on them. They were pretty tasty little treats. And of course cookies and what not. She says what else are you supposed to do when your sick? She only stayed home for 2 or 3 days out of the 4 weeks she was sick but those days were plenty. Bol. She also made puppy chow. For those of you who got all excited like me, don't be. What an evil trick! This so called "Puppy chow" is chex cereal, covered in melted peanut butter/chocolate and some powdered sugar. Sounds yummy right? So here I am, sitting on the floor last night waiting for some and then the humans start eating it. Hello? "Puppy chow" sounds like its for dogs to me! But apparently its not, so my hopes and dreams were shot down and I was a sad dog the rest of the night. Ok not really...maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I think if humans are going to eat it, they shouldn't name it stuff like "PUPPY.." it should be called "Human chow." Enough said. Hehe. Well, we hope to blog again soon, and we always do hope to but sorry if we can't! Have a nice sunday! Licks, Love, & Prayers ♥ Zoey

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5/20/2012 12:44:26 PM

Hi Shotgun

Thank you for barking by and congratulating us on our 3 year DC anniversary. Sorry it took us so long to bark back with a thank you. Mom got a new job that is keeping her really busy and she had to go to Atlanta for training. Before mom left for Atlanta though, the paper towel bandit struck again. Mom had left a baked potato wrapped in a paper towel sitting on the counter while she waited for the rest of her food to heat up in the microwave. She left the kitchen to go do a couple of things. When she heard the microwave ding, she got her food out & started looking for the baked potato. It wasn’t anywhere to be found on the counter. That’s when mom realized that it must have been stolen because of the paper towel. Sure enough, mom found the baked potato laying in the middle of the hallway & the paper towel had completely disappeared. No one had even tried to eat the baked potato as we don’t steal food, only paper. HeHe Mom is laying the blame on Money as being the paper towel thief. BBS. MisFits

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5/20/2012 11:36:51 AM

Hi Shotgun

Hope everyone is doing well. We're ok here. Mom and Big Sis have been busy lately. Mom's still got the cleaing bug and is still working on cleaning out her closets. I try to help by checking out the stuff she drags out, but she just tells me to get out of the way. Last weekend Big Sis went to the Busch Gardens amusement park with her boyfriend and his little girl with the year-long free passes Big Sis won last week. They stayed all day Saturday, from open until close and had a great time. The little girl loved it and wanted to come back the next day, but Big Sis and her boyfriend were so worn out, that wasn't going to happen. They may go back this weekend, though. Then last Sunday, Big Sis celebrated her birthday early with her dad, then did the Mother's Day thing with Mom later in the day. Then Tuesday was Big Sis's birthday. She had a nice day then. But her boyfriend wasn't able to celebrate it with her since his daughter was sick. So he brought Big Sis a gift and cake to her at work the next day. Yesterday Mom, Big Sis, and Big Brother held a yard sale. That was fun. When I was allowed outside, I got to meet some people, and I barked at a couple of cats that were hanging out next door.

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5/20/2012 8:26:52 AM


she was one of the 100 that actually got in, so we're proud of her:) We'd love to hear from you guys again. Lots & Lots of Love, The Cape Cod Crew & Mom.

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5/19/2012 10:02:29 PM

Hi Shotgun and Aund Debbie

It's me Maya! I had to go to the doctor this morning. Yesterday afternoon I was acting really agitated and hyper and wanting out constantly only to frantically eat grass!I made myself throw up once with it. Later I developed a bit of a cough and acted as if something was stuck in my throat. This was all after chewing on those stupid Hartz dental bone chews me and Chewie love the day before! They are plastic, what Mommy calls "Bumpy Bones" because they have bumps all over the middle of the bone.Mommy couldn't find anything when she stuck her finger down there to feel, but I continued to cough periodically thru the night so Mommy called the vet this morning and took me in. I am still eating and finally went poop once yesterday in the evening. The doctor checked me over and didn't think there was anything stuck in my throat. Well me and Chewie really give those bones what for and sometimes eat some of that stupid plastic and it always poops out. The doctor thinks I probably scratched up my throat with the plastic and it may be not only sore but inflamed. She gave me a shot and two different pills for throwing up and for inflamation and I have to take them all. I feel better cause I am resting like I normally do instead of frantically pacing the floor. Mommy and Daddy threw away the chew bones and said no more, EVER! It was scary. Even Chewie didn't pester me he just would come over and smell me and whine! He really does care about me! We had to wait at the doctors office because a doggie had come in just before me that had been hit by a car. It didn't make it. Mommy said that is why she wants me and Chewie to come when she calls us! It was so sad and scary, too.Iam resting now and Chewie is guarding me so nothing happens to me. He is a good big brother. He said he is too busy watching over me to make sure I am okay to blog tonight so I am doing the blogging while he watches over me. (smiles) Nothing too funny has happened since everybody has been concerned and taking care of me since yesterday afternoon. I should be okay before too long! Hope you have a nice weekend. We are just staying home so I can rest. Cairn Cuddles, Maya PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie

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5/19/2012 5:40:19 PM

Hi Shotgun ♥

Hi Shotgun I am very glad to know that you are feeling better now ♥ that put's a smile on My Mommy's face ♥ we were not around for My Birthday something came up we were very upset but everything s ok now and thank you for My Happy Birthday♥ we are back now:) and I hope your Mommy had a great Mother's Day ♡ My Mommy did ♡ I left a vote Bark Back Baby Alley and Mommy Elena p.s. I turned 8 years not 9 My mommy messed up on My Profile My Mommy is trying to edit it but it wont work My Mommy will figure something out :)

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5/18/2012 12:29:11 PM


Hey Shotgun! I'm so excited that you got your stitches out!! Did that nasty cone go away too? I sure hope so! I'm so glad you're feeling better - it makes my heart feel happy :) Love ya, Gracie ♥

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5/18/2012 5:43:10 AM

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