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My mom saw an add in the paper and drove over an hour to buy me. They wanted to add a larger dog to play with Nicholas and for protection. So they picked me out.

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:|:HOPE DOTM JULY:|: Hello everyone. My name is Hope and I am a 7 year old American Bulldog. I am running for DOTM for July. So please please please vote for me. You see, my sister Faith is always winning everything that we do. She has won dog of the day, week, and month the first 3 months we came to dog channel. She keeps rubbing it in to me that I have yet to win the coveted title of DOTM. I really need to get her off my back. Yes she might have the more perfect body (after all not all of us can have a waist line), she is very smart and knows lots of tricks and listens very well. Well I can listen well too, I just choose to be stubborn. I think that I'm smarter though. Faith can jump up on the bench and into the car. I on the other hand sit there and look at mom until she picks me up (all 90 pounds), now who is the smarter one I ask you? I can do lots of tricks too. I shake hands, give kisses and can totally ignore you if I don't want to be bothered. I can also imitate a beached whale too. I lay flat on my belly with my head between my paws and just move my eyes to look at people and Faith. I don't even have to move my head. Faith doesn't do that. I am a Therapy Dog and a Reading Education Assistance Dog. That is where we go to the library and let little children read to us. I always pay attention to the story and give the children kisses whereas Faith is usually sleeping and snoring. I have recently been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease and have to have accupuncture and chiropractic adjustments every 2 weeks. My mom thought that swimming will help me with my joints and also to lose some of my extra pounds so she is having an inground pool built for me. I do have the best mom and yes I will admit it, I have the best sister ever in Faith. So, if you will be so kind as to vote for me in July for DOTM you will make one old lady very happy. Hope Come visit me, Faith & Hope VOTE FOR ME IN JULY FOR DOTM. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Come visit me, Copper ♥ Catching Some Waves!, DC Peace Team - Enjoy Summer While It Lasts!, Golden M&M's - Maxie Forever In Our Hearts♥

6/28/2008 10:56:07 AM

Hi Apollo!

So Sorry for this C/P blog! Mom really hates doing it, but there has been so much to do lately. Plus we needed to sort some things out with the Peace Team. Anyhoo, we won't be around much this weekend, just a heads up! We are heading to Grandma and Grandpa's, and have to go shopping for some birthday presents on Sunday! Wahoo! (Mom loves to shop). So today, we were lazy...again! The temperature spiked up from a 72 to a 93 degrees in a couple of hours! So we sat in the air conditioned room with Mommy and took a nap. That means not boat for us tomorrow. It is suppose to be even hotter! Yikes! How is the weather near you? 4th of July is coming up! Are you excited? We are not doing much, we are heading down South for vacation. We will be left at home... :( And Mommy will not let us go on the computer whle she is away. Always have to be supervised! Ok, well, I hope you had a great day! See you on Monday! Maxie and Molly P.s. We have not heard from Wishy lately, but yes, Molly and Him are still "dating"! Hehe!

Come visit me, Copper ♥ Catching Some Waves!, DC Peace Team - Enjoy Summer While It Lasts!, Golden M&M's - Maxie Forever In Our Hearts♥

6/27/2008 4:40:55 PM

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