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Indigo ♥ In Most Loving Memory ♥

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A little puppy named Lady by her dog mom's family (I changed her name to "Indigo" because as a little girl I had always loved that name and said it would by the name of my dog) came into the world on April 15th, 2005. She was the runt of the litter and the only one of her color; all her siblings were black and white. I think that is special, because she added color to my world. She was the most precious puppy there ever was. I loved her with all my heart and I spent so much time with her. She was my very best friend. As she grew up, we both learned a lot. I trained her to be a good girl, and she trained me to be patient. ;) My family and I lived on a beautiful island and Indigo got to run free on it all day. Through the ups and downs of my life, Indigo was always least for the short time she was given to spend here on earth. One morning I woke up to find Indigo downstairs on the floor shaking uncontrollably. We thought maybe, for some strange reason, she had a chill, so we got the house nice and warm and bundled her up in blankets and snuggled with her. But it didn't help...Sometimes she would stop, and we all got our hopes up that she was going to be all better. But she didn't. Christmas day wasn't a jolly one. Indigo had always had so much fun tearing the wrapping paper off her presents, but now she needed help opening them. She didn't care what was in them anyway though. Someone gently pet Indigo and she let out a terrible squeal. It was hurting me so much to see her in such pain. My other dog, Peaka, had just had a life-threatening injury by running into something sharp and cutting her side open. She had a drain tube and tons of external & internal stitches. Something had gone wrong with her healing process. The drain tube wasn't working. The fluids that needed to come out weren't draining. So my dad and I took Peaka back to the vets in my dad's airplane (the only way to get to and from the village we lived in) but this time we brought Indigo too. Peaka was checked in first. I knew there was no guarantee that Peaka could be saved...And Indigo...My world fell apart in those painful moments of wondering if I would go home without both the dogs who were such a big part of my life and made a house home. After Indigo's exam, the vets were so sorry to tell me that Indigo had complete kidney failure and very painful ulcers all throughout inside her body...that is why she cried when touched. (Please read part 2 in "My favorite hang out spot")

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11/8/2008 2:32:17 PM


Ohh sweet story I gave you 2 votes.My name is maggie come check out my page.

Come visit me, **Maggie** Give me a vote + message ill give you 1

11/7/2008 10:28:03 AM


Hi! My name is Angel Starlight, 6683. In honor of me I ask for your dotd vote on Monday, 11/3. I am a Golden Retriever now residing at the RainBow Bridge. I was a 4th of July puppy and my life started with a bang and was a blast all the way through!! My family came to see the puppies and I ran up and nipped my Mom and that was the start of a love story. She nicknamed me; Stary, Superstar, and Little Missy. I learned to bark to my big owners when my smaller owners are playing something dangerous or when they run in the house. I had good tricks like, Sneeking into rooms and steeling socks, roll over, and sing! Remember girls, Princesses always get there way!! Remember me on Monday and leave me a dotd vote, Arf! Princess Angel Stary. Happy Birthday Hunter 725!! (57527TeamDotdNews) http://www.dogchannel. com/blog/viewbio. aspx?apid=6683

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11/2/2008 11:11:48 PM

11/2/2008 11:11:29 PM


Hi, Im Casey, wana b homiez???? Princess told ma bout cha!!! u a real cutie rnt ya!!!!! thanxz!!! left u a vote!! bbs Casey

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11/2/2008 1:19:01 PM

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10/24/2008 10:57:40 PM


That is a very sad story =( I'm sorry for your loss. The picture is so cute and I bet she'll be waiting for you up in Heaven.

Come visit me, Ace, Sheba

10/24/2008 6:41:06 AM


Oh that is so sad. we had some of the tainted food too. Fortunately we found out about it before we ate any. You look like a sweet pup.

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10/24/2008 6:02:14 AM

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