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I have his mom and dad, and mated them to have pups, and I was the last one born!

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Did you have a good day yesterday? I did! Let me tell you why. You see, I'm with mommy at her cousins’ house, and I'm having TONS of fun! I can actually win a play fight against their Yorkshire terrier, Ellie (hee hee! We even have almost the same name!). We went to the dollar store to see if there was anything nice for us dogs. Mom got me a squeaky hamburger! I love it! Ha-ha...so does ellie, and also their Mini Aussie, Kalli! She steals it from me, and then growls...she growls all the time :) Anyway, after that, we went to Pets Mart...It was mom and my first time. When we walked through the doors, my nose was going CRAZY! I was a good dog, and I was nice to the other dogs. There was a handsome labby boy, and he was whining and pulling his young owner around. Mom got to pet him, and he and I sniffed each other. As we went through the isles, mom saw so many things she wanted....a halter for me, a shirt for me, a hat (which she got! I'm not too fond of it, though. I'll try to get a picture of it, ok?), a clicker, treats, frisbee, and much more. The sad thing is, she only had ten dollars! But, she also got me some tear-stain remover. UGH! She says I need it. In the check out line, I saw another handsome boy doggy. We sniffed, and even got our leashes tangled. Then, we started to play! It was so fun! I had a good day, it was a dream come true! Well, at least for mommy! Bye for now, Here's a vote! -Nellie Boo

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/9/2008 9:01:53 AM

Hi Caesar!

My aren you cute! My name is Honey and I'm Scruffy and Tobi's sister, there is also Princess but she hasn't come by yets. How are you! I hope we can be your friend too and that you come and visit us soon alright?. You take care little friend, bark back. Hugs & a Vote **Honey**

Come visit me, #313160 Amber~ Spring is here! ~, #39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!, #39424 Princess, Angel Tobi & Ang. Mimi, #39529 HONEY-"Funny Girl", #68274 HONEY&MAX- Happy spring!

7/7/2008 7:34:15 PM

Please vote Duke for DOTD on July 7th

Please vote Duke for DOTD (Dog of the Day) on July 7th because he wants to give his parents a gift for their first anniversary! On 7.7.7 last year they got married with little Dukie by their side and he has been so happy ever since! Duke is a one year old Yorkshire Terrier and he is running for DOTD on July 7th! He lives with two cats, Dino and Cali, he loves to play with all of his cat buddies, even though most of them don't wanna play with him. He also loves to play with his God sisters Sadie Maye and T.K. Elle. He loves to be with his family and friends. He is a very nice dog except to strangers. Please go to Duke's page on July 7th of 2008 and leave him a vote! In return he will give you a vote if you ever need any! Here is a vote for you and the entire gang would love to be buddies! Well again please vote for this little Yorkshire Terrier as a gift for his loving parents on their anniversary! Also he is so excited that he lives with two kitties, his two loving parents, and now his mommy is due in December with a baby! Please help him celebrate his parents anniversary and the first baby on the way by voting for Duke for Dog of the Day on July 7th,2008! Let me know if you will vote for me on July 7th!

Come visit me, Bailey Girl, Duke, Sadie Maye, T.K.

7/6/2008 1:57:13 PM


Hey ceasar and friends. Just wanted to thank you for visiting Ginger, and tell you your a bunch of cuties as well.

Come visit me, Ginger

6/30/2008 8:50:52 PM

Hello Ceasar

Hello Ceasar you're sooo cute I absolutely love australian cattle dogs and I think you're one of the cutest I've ever seen would you like to be friends?please stop by if you do and welcome to dog channel. ~DANNI~

Come visit me, Danni, Mixed Breed club

6/30/2008 8:35:28 PM


Hello Ceasar!! I'm Starr a Rottie puppy. I just joined the DC today. I see you haven't been here long either. You sure are cute. I hope we can be friends. I'm pressing on your vote button on the way out. Have a great evening. Hugs, Starr

Come visit me, *STARR* not blogging anymore, Heidi and Isabella

6/29/2008 4:12:25 PM


Come visit us fellow cattle dogs. Dingo and sid from florida. We voted for you while we were here. We need to stick together. Come vote for us.

Come visit me, Dingo, sid

6/25/2008 4:07:12 PM


Hello everyone my name is Ceasar (Tank), they call me Tank, because i am the biggest pup, even though i was the last one born. It took me 7 hours to be born after my brother BJ was born. I guess i was too big for mom, and she needed a rest. I am here, and I am a happy pup, because I will be staying with my mom (Baby) and dad (Blue) with them at their house. Hooray for me I am a lucky pup!! Come visit with me.


6/23/2008 4:34:24 PM

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