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Thank youto all my friends, new and old, for the wonderful surprise of Angel DOTD honor on my birthday. I am doing the Happy Dance up here! All my Angel Friends are with me joing in! It looks like a doggie Riverdance! And ICE CREAM! Ice cream is flowing like a River! All flavors, and all toppings! It's amazing! Thanks you again! Auntie Pauline will bring LeeLee & PACO to say my individual Thank Yous whenever she can. LUV You All - Angel Jenny! Angel DOTD 2/2/13


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Our older dog went to Rainbow Bridge so we went back to the same foster mom where we found PACO, and she had Jenny. She came from a Puppy Mill in Mo. She was very thin & afraid of everyone. But she came to my sister. After 4 years she is finally trusted both of us. We miss you Jenny!

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Hi Jenny! ♥

I read on Rico's page that you aren't feeling good. I'm so sorry and will pray for you! Like you said, us Chihuahua's have to stick together! I have seizures and pancreatitus. Did they check you for that? I am on meds for both now for the rest of my life, but I am feeling so good. Also I am on Science Diet WD formula from my vet. That seems to help my tummy. It's a tough diet, but I plan to live for a long time and I am going on 13 now. I can't have any fat, only low fat biscuits, and Mommy's Doggie Stew, which she makes meticulously with no fat and added spices etc. It's approved by my vet and I thrive on it. Momma mixes it with my WD so it tastes better. I hope to hear from you, soon, and that you are doing alright. You take care...Lots of doggies and people out here care about you and will say prayers. Love and Hugs, The Dos Man "Bugsy"

Come visit me, In Memory: Apples, Dos, Emmy and Louie, MISSING, SPECIAL AGENT GIBBS.., The NY MOB Pg.~In Memory of DosMan/Apples/Emmy/Lou

7/23/2007 6:17:37 AM

Woof! It's ME, Jenny!

Auntie just put a new picture of me on. In the Easter sweater she made me! The other one shows me following the sun on my lounge. I kept moving over until I was right on the edge. Auntie titles it "Living On the Edge." Auntie was sick with a cold all week so we haven't been blogging much. And Mom #1 doesn't know how to use this comp. thing. so HI to everyone.

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5/27/2007 8:02:17 AM


Hi, my name is Charlie. You collect socks? Interesting hobby. I am a father. My wife is having puppies in July. You should see her, you two would make good friends. Her name is Keely Fiona Debuax Carpenter. -Charlie

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5/13/2007 7:10:00 PM


Hi Pretty Little Lady!! It's good to meet you. We have met Paco and Angelina, and they mentioned you had a page, and we wanted to come by to greet you. So, your a sock collector? Well, that sounds like a very cool hobby!! Leaving you our vote, The Texas Trio

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5/13/2007 6:51:26 AM

Hello, how are you doing ? We are so glad that you decided to join Dogchannel! We are Maltese puppies and we live in Ohio. Tinkerbell is 7 months old and Buddy is 3 months old. You are so CUTE. I hope you and your mommy has lots of fun here on Dogchannel! Come visit us soon!!

Come visit me, Baby, Buddy & Tinkerbell, Buddy AKC MALTESE, Tinkerbell

5/12/2007 10:20:39 PM


hey how are you doing? welcome to show dog i hope that you have a lot of fun on this site! oh well so whats new with you? oh well got you a vote for being one cool hot rocking dog! lol oh well could you return the favor and vote for me? could you also vote for me in the best smile contest? what you do is you go to the left side of the page and click Club Dog and then you scroll down until you reach contests. let it load and then hit best smile and then i am on the fifth page! much love and i will blow you a kiss before i go to bed for the night! trev

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5/12/2007 5:41:45 PM

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