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thank you all for the birthday wishes! love you♥


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.Missi Mae and her sister were born on January 3rd, 2009. Their mother was a Pekinese, and their father was a Tibetan Spaniel. All of the winter of 2008 and 2009, I had been searching for a dog, since at that time we only had Ruby. I was interested in small breeds, so I called my neighbor (who occasionally breeds the little dogs that she has), to ask if she had any puppies. She told me that she had some Pekingese puppies, and a male Yorkie who was 7 months old. So on February 16th, my neighbor brought the Peke (who turned out to be mixed with a Tibbie) puppies, and the Yorkie (who also turned out to be a mixed breed, but with lots of Yorkie in him) over to my house, so that I could look them all over.At the time I was only planning on getting ONE dog. The Peke/Tibbie puppies were not ready to be adopted, so I would have to wait about 2 weeks to get them. But the little Yorkie mix was free, and I couldn't NOT take him, so we decided to adopt him (Who is now BUTLER!)But before we decided to get Butler, I was trying to decide which of the puppies I wanted. One of them had a hernia, so she was fifty dollars cheaper, though that didn't really matter to me (the hernia, or the price). At first, I wanted to get the one without the hernia, but my neighbor told me that the vet had told her that the hernia was not a problem for the puppy. As I continued to look at the pups, I noticed how the black mask was larger on the one with the hernia (I like black masks lol). Finally, I decided on the one with the hernia, who is Missi! The hernia is not a problem for her at all, which is a very good thing.So that day, we kept Butler, and two weeks later (February 28th), Missi Mae came to live with me!Having both Missi and Butler really helped both of them to adapt and become happy and comfortable. They are best friends, and play and cuddle together all of the time :)

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