Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!

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Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!

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D.A.E.E.R.S. I was shopping for a dog, and on the internet when I came across her bio and picture. She was a rescued dog. Jayne McCullough was a state dog rescuer and decided to take possession of Besito. When Jayne hurt her knee she knew it would no longer be fair to Besito,(with all her energy) for her to keep her. After searching for the perfect person to take her baby that she had for the past 3 years, we found each other. It has been one of the biggest blessings of both both mine and Jayne's life.After all Besito was like a family member to Jayne and she wanted the best for her. Besito means the world to me. She has brightened the lives of not only me, but th rest of my family as well.

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Welcome New Friend ^..^

Welcome Besito to the Club!! Thanks for visiting me and the vote and telling me about Nikki. Me and mom gave her a visit and talked along time to her. Here's you a vote as well my new friend. You're handsome guy with that black heart on your head. That's what it looks like to me so you have a big heart when you're concerned and thoughtful about your sister! You're a real cool fella. Mom changed my site picture just now. Hugs, Carly

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5/10/2007 7:30:56 AM


Hey everyone, In case you haven't heard, my friend Nikki, was attacked by the neighbors dog. It accidentally mistook her for a rag doll,and we almost lost her. Can we give a big Dog Channel Shout Out to her and maybe a card or two to wish her a speedy recovery. You can read her bio cause she's linked in with Besito,Nikki,Jake, and Mattie Mae. Please pass the word so she will know we're all pulling for her!!!!!!!Thanks and much love Besito

Come visit me, Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!, MM, Nikki

5/9/2007 2:34:54 PM


Hey thanks for your vote in the best smile contest and of course i will go and vote for you! What page our you on? oh well talk to you soon! All my love and thanks for the vote dear! TREV

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5/8/2007 6:40:36 PM

hey baby

you are so cute. that flyball sounds eally cool, i'll have to get my auntiee to check it out, samson won't be able to but i will try. vote for you. see ya later. diamond and samson

Come visit me, Diamond, Samson

5/8/2007 1:13:51 PM

thanks for the tip!!!

Hey besito! My mom loved that idea! And I did too since I love cheese!!! Sounds easy enough. Mommy will have to go to the store and get me some!!! Yummm... We'll let you know how it goes. Hey also, here's a vote cuz there's more pix. How did your mommy manage to get 7 pictures in there? It only lets my mommy to post 6...Weird... ok well talk to you later, buddy. Kobe

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5/8/2007 11:31:31 AM

A Dog's Life~~~~~~~~~~~~ The life of a dog is a dog's life. It is pain. It is suffering and grief. The life of a dog is a dog's life. Full of fear and gnashing of teeth. God/dog, dog/god. Palindromes and dreams of nod. God/dog, god/dog. And all I hear leaves me agog. So lift up a leg to the Hound of Heaven, to the Great Dog Star in the sky. Sit up and beg to be forgiven, and let this sleeping dog lie. God/dog, god/dog. It's heady stuff, all cloud and fog. God/dog, god/dog. With feet of clay and mind in bog. The Great Dog Star is our image; he is made as one of our own. He doesn't wear clothes and has a wet nose, and thinks nothing of sucking the bone. God/dog, god/dog. Speaks from high: a monologue. God/dog, god/dog. In cunning plans, we're only cogs. The life of a dog is a dog's life. It is cruel. It is brutal and brief. The life of a dog is a dog's life. Thrown a bone to atone like a thief. God/dog, god/dog. Like unicorns and golliwogs. God/dog, god/dog. A chant easy as falling off logs. To the Great Dog Star, pay homage. And croon to a singular moon. If the night is primal and savage, obey and bay in good tune. God/dog, god/dog. I've seen machine and catalogue. God/dog, god/dog. A keen design to whip and flog. God/dog, dog/god. It sounds absurd, and awfully odd. God/dog, dog/god. Share the word and spare the rod. So lift up your snout to the Hound of Heaven, lift up your heart and growl. Show your respect for the Hound of Heaven, just throw a ginsberg and howl! ~~~~~~~~~~A vote for you today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5/8/2007 6:42:55 AM

hello little kiss!!!

hi besito! You seem like a cool dog!!! Flyball, huh? How fun! I like to go after balls but I do not like returning them... I dont know why... Tommy returns them, he's my pet yorkie, he's fun too... Welcome to dog channel, here's a vote your way!!! Stop by and meet us, ok? Kobe

Come visit me, Bowser Koopa Troopa, Kobe (A-Team Disguise Expert) 21737, Tommy (A-Team Tummy Massage Therapist) 21739

5/7/2007 3:12:59 PM

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