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His former owner died of cancer when Jackson was a year old, no one was able to take care of him and they needed to find him a home. I had been adertising on petfinder.com for a little while looking for a little dog fo my kids and jackson's caretaker emailed me, we set up an interview and the rest is history, he's been my baby ever since.

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10/29/2008 10:20:43 AM

Hey Jackson

You are too cute!!!!!

Come visit me, Stella

11/14/2007 6:41:53 AM

Monday Funny

Top 10 All-Time Dog Movies: 10. "Abbott and Costello Meet Cujo". Who's on Lou? 9. "The Howling". Story of a Rotweiller and a mousetrap. 8. "All Dogs Go To Heaven". Documentary. 7. "The Maltese Milk Bone". Action adventure, starring Humphrey Gobark. 6. "The Postman Always Rings Twice". Tutorial for territorial terriers. 5. "Terminator III - Garbage Day". Cyborg meets up with crazed Cocker Spaniel. Asta la Vista, Arnold. 4. "Back To The Future IV - Einstein's Revenge", starring Michael J. Foxhound. Einstein steals the DeLorean. 3. "The Bad News Beagles". Snoopy gets rid of that loser, Charlie Brown, leads a team of beagles to the Little League World Series. 2. "Dial M for Mustard". Murderous dachsund leaves a trail of condiments. 1. "Reservoir Dogs." Don't drink the water...

Come visit me, Bailey #21875 Spring is in the air!

9/17/2007 10:36:57 PM


~* ~* ~* <||> MONDAY NEWS <||> *~ *~ *~ Hi! My name is Jake, 4227. I am a 14 yo handsome Beagle Boy from Wyoming, PA that needs your dotd help!! I am the D.C. A-Team Weatherdog, and a proud member of AARD. I currently am in the dog contests for the Biggest Ears, pg. 22. Please dotd vote for me on Monday (9/17). Thanks so much!! Check out his avatar!! Happy Birthday to Luckey 17050, and Choir members remember the concert this week on Wednesday. See more news @28598. Hugs and a vote, secret

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

9/16/2007 5:14:33 PM


-:¦:- I'm Proud to be an AMERICAN -:¦:- Oh Happy Day!! from secret! (Please DOTD VOTE for my Fiancee, Patrick, ON WED.) Hi! My name is PATRICK, 26194. I am a 1yo rescued Chinese Crested (Hairless) from Tonawanda, NY. My 2nd Birthday is Thursday!! I am the D.C. A-Team Bling Consultant. My dog hobby is gutting stuffed animals! I love to dance and I say, I love you!! My Mom is a Vietnam War Vet, please pawfive her!! I need your help, please dotd vote for me on Wednesday, Sept. 12!!! Thanks so much!! Happy Birthday to our DOTD Darby, 22678, Riley 24978, and Eddie 24469 Read more news @28598! Hugs and a vote, his Fiancee, Secret @25356. isn't he just dreamy? we left you a vote! Come visit me, The Texas Trio Daily News.

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

9/11/2007 8:10:09 PM

Thanks Jackson

I'm so excited to be DOTD,what a B-day present and I couldn't have done it without all my friends at the DC,so THANKS TO ALL.I'm dedicating this great honor to those who were injured or lost in 9/11 and to those who have served or are now serving our GREAT country.God Bless America and the DC.Leaving you a vote.Love and *hugs* Mugsy

Come visit me, Mugsy 27341 ♥ IN LOVING MEMORY~4/15/2002-4/1/2015, Papi~278193~, PRESIDENTIAL PAGE~109695

9/11/2007 2:16:26 PM

Hi and thak you your really cute

When mommy woke up this morning we checked dog channel and saw my face i was so happy. we could not blog you earlier but without you and many others i could not have done this alone. I am loving today! thanks again for the vote and congrats your friend Max

Come visit me, Max

9/7/2007 1:36:40 PM

============= WEDNESDAY NEWS ============= My name is ROXY, 19558. I am an 6 month old American Pit Bull Terrier Girl from Napa, CA. My furBrother's name is Slider, 286, and he was one of the first dogs on the dog channel!! My family rescued me from some guy on the street. We would ALL love for you to dotd vote for me on Wednesday, please !! My motto is: Kiss-a-Bull. Thanks everyone! Happy Birthday hugs to Ive 31760, and Jazmin, 34344. !! Come read the rest of the News @28598 !! Hugs and a vote!! The Texas Trio

Come visit me, ♥ Angel CandySugar Loved Forever ♥, *Franklin* was DOTD 5/25/16!! Thank You So Much!!!, Angel Baby; Rain Bow Bridge Nurse 9yrs DC., Bella ♥ Love My Family & Friends, Kasidee!! GOD BLESS THE USA!, Liddy ~SISTERFRIENDS ARE FOREVER!! ♥, Meg - Life is so good now!!!, Nicholas's Tree

9/5/2007 4:14:05 AM

Labor Day Joke

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A woman saw an ad in the local newspaper which read: "Purebred Police Dog $25." Thinking that to be a great bargain, she called and ordered the dog to be delivered. The next day a van arrived at her home and delivered the mangiest-looking mongrel she had ever seen. In a rage, she telephoned the man who had placed the ad, "How dare you call that mangy-mutt a purebred police dog?" "Don't let his looks deceive you, ma'am," the man replied, "He's in the Secret Service."

Come visit me, Bailey #21875 Spring is in the air!

9/3/2007 2:05:09 PM

Dog Show Joke

It was a slow day in heaven so God phoned Satan to see what was going on down there. "It's slow here, too", said Satan "Well," God said, "I think a dog show might be fun." "Sounds good," says Satan, "But why are you calling me? You've got all the dogs up there." "I know," answered God, "But you've got all the judges."

Come visit me, Bailey #21875 Spring is in the air!

9/1/2007 1:57:39 PM

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