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Thank you so very much for voting me DOTD Jan.18,2013. I am so honored. Mwaaah!


Murphy McCairn

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I was looking up something on the computer and came across this breeders sight.Phoned her up to ask some questions about cairn health issues now compared to years ago.She asked if I would like to go on her waiting list.I was 9th.Pups were born and the 4 were spoken for.She called and asked if I would be interested in the mother.Knowing her mom dog she thought Ginger and the mom would not work out well.Two days later she called and said one of the buyers backed out so would I be interested.Say know more,I would have a dozen if I could.

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6/1/2011 1:00:50 PM

*** M E R R Y * C H R I S T M A S ***

WOW! You really grew up!! 2 days till Christmas!! WOOHOO! I will bark at you after Christmas. I hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever and that you get everything you wish for! Both Biggie and I will be silent voting and we will bark at you after Christmas, I want to here what everyone gets from Santa Paws!! KANE

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

12/23/2010 12:32:53 PM

Good Morning Murphy McCairn!

I bet your choppers are getting big!! I can't wait to see pictures of you now!! What are you about 6 mths old now? Almost a big boy! That's what mom always tells me, "Biggie Play nice"! Because I will always bite Kane! BOL! Well, Kane is so big that when he plays, he's rough! And I'm so little that it hurts if he accidently steps on my paws! BOL! I love to play in the snow, and I cannot wait for it to snow! Sometimes though, I will just be walking and..poof! I'll be gone! And I fall through the snow! So dad will usually shovel a path for me in the back yard so that don't happen and I can't fall through the snow! Kane and Madison like to catch the snowflakes in mid-air! They both LOVE to play in the snow! I just like Christmas and the presents!!! I like to look at my stocking full of squeakers!! Have a fun day everyone! Biggie

Come visit me, :) BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FILES :), Biggie Smalls loves Sally

9/22/2010 8:06:03 AM

Hello Murphy McCairn

It is so nice to hear from you Murphy! I can't wait to see how big you have gotten!! Today is talk like a pirate day on DC. It's nice t' have good buckos! I hope you be havin' a good day today! I found me treasure hidden below deck o' me ship, but it just makes me want more, so I'll be headin' off t' sea today in search o' more gold! Cap’n Kane the Mutilator

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

9/19/2010 9:10:39 AM

Hi Murphy .. well ya know, Franki won't have a thing to do with Candy Sugar either and she's a year old now .. he never has wanted to be involved with her at all .. he 'tolerates' her you could say .. and she too rolls all around him on the floor, eats as close to him as she can get, lays next to him to chew a bone, and will sleep near him .. but he ignores. He never grumbles at her, he simply ignores her .. bol!! We don't know why he's that way .. he adores Kasidee, and smooches her daily, lays next to her, and watches over her at the dog park .. Kasi will play with CS often but not as much as CS wants her too and Kasi will grumble at her and guard her place/space .. CS ignores that though and jumps right over the top of her .. we think CS is part BUNNY WABBIT!! We are doing well and glad you all are too! So glad to hear from you! TheTrio/Cs

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9/18/2010 8:20:07 PM

Murphy McCairn!

That's ok, I know sometimes I can't get on the computer either! To to busy! hehe! I bet your teeth are sharp! The bigger dogs better watch out, that's how I got so tuff too! The bigger dogs in my family rough-housing with me when I was a baby made me a tuff boy now! Your a really cute little guy! I'm glad we are furiends!! Biggie Smalls

Come visit me, :) BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FILES :), Biggie Smalls loves Sally

8/28/2010 10:20:45 AM

8/18/2010 9:34:39 PM

Murphy McCairn!

Hello little Murphy! My name is Biggie Smalls and I am Kane's big brother. Your a cute little puppy! Want to be friends? I'll put you in my friends photo page! Come by and visit! Biggie Smalls

Come visit me, :) BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FILES :), Biggie Smalls loves Sally

8/6/2010 11:54:24 PM

Hi Murphy

Here's a vote for you learning to wink. Rusty & I are watching all the time. We're glad we aren't dealing with all the hot weather, it's so nice & cool here at the Bridge. Rusty was so happy when he saw you wink. I used to do that too. Mommy would wink at me & I'd wink back. Maybe it's a Cairn thing. We really are so supper smart. You be a good boy! We know you'll calm down eventually. It is really different when you don't have bigger dogs to let you know who's the boss. I was the boss in my house. I was an only child well except for my Skin Brother & frankly he was no compition when it came to being the Boss! Ha Ha!

Come visit me, Angel Roxy

8/5/2010 9:24:44 AM

Murphy McCairn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you doing little buddyy????? I've missed you! I see you and Dodger and Angel Cotton on wag warz all the time and vote for you! I bet you are growing! That is too funny about the lamp thing! You are pretty smart to know to do that! Is it hot where you live? I is off and on hot here. Right now, it is pretty cool and should get around 80 today. Usually, August is our hotest month. Say hi to everyone for me, I left everyone a vote too! Are you gonna' join camp dog? Kane

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

8/1/2010 8:35:46 AM

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