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This page won dog of the day today 8/25/15. So happy to see Patty and Loudog spot lighted .. we all miss them so very much. Thank you!! We lost our dear SisterFriend, Patty June 17, 2015 at 10pm. Patty had open heart surgery and never woke-up. Those that have been on the dog channel since 2006 forward knew her and LouDog 31166 and will miss them so much! God Speed dear sweet Patty, forever we will remember you, miss you and love you!!



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6/1/2011 1:00:50 PM

Results are in...........

No one guessed correctly and Mommy is pretty skeptical of the results! Here goes... American Eskimo Dog mix crossed with a Chow Chow/ Yorkshire Terrier Mommy doesn't really see it! I weigh 51 pounds so the Yorkie just seems crazy! I'm not white and my fur isn't fluffy so the Eskie seems out there too. I don't have wrinkles- only when I look at something intently I have a few on my upper forehead- but I look nothing like a Chow either. Do you think a mistake was made? Hugs and a vote for you! Have a great day.

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

1/13/2011 6:50:51 AM

Thanks Everyone! Wow! What an unexpected surprise to have so many birthday wishes AND to be DOTD! I never thought I'd make it to DOTD! Thanks to all my friends - old and new - for the birthday wishes and votes. I had a great birthday, but this was an unexpected and very happy present! Thank you all!!!! Come visit me, Sunny

Come visit me, Sunny

1/12/2011 7:54:04 AM

Valentine Treasures

. Valentine treasures are people who have often crossed your mind, family, friends and others, too, who in your life have shined the warmth of love or a spark of light that makes you remember them; no matter how long since you’ve actually met, each one is a luminous gem, who gleams and glows in your memory, bringing special pleasures, and that’s why this Valentine comes to you: You’re one of those sparkling treasures! By Joanna Fuchs

Come visit me, Our Foster Dogs, Paws for Pawrayer: (Skye is pictured) Remember our freedom! Happy 4th of JULY!, Pray for America! (Angels Baby, CS, Franki and Meg) Kasi, Bella, Liddy, Josie, Tinkerbelle and Sammy. (Trio Plus), Rain Bow Bridge #5 - (JOY'S ♥ HEART), TEAM DOTD (Thank you for the DOTD win 4-9-16), TheTrio News; Please vote Angel Scooby July 2016: 176110 JULY DOTM!, TRIO NEWS SPOTLIGHT - DC Friendships

1/9/2011 6:40:13 PM


That's so true! We'll never forget that dreadful day. :( Good night, Stormy and Prince, and Angel Bingo

Come visit me, Angel Bingo, Angel Prince, & Stormy, Stony

9/13/2010 6:33:41 PM


DIVIDED WE FALL! Yesterday was a sad day for mom who was away from her homeland that fateful day and knew 2 who perished 9/11/2001.

Come visit me, GRANT of Silver Bullet,ready for an ocean swim, on vacation until end of September and mostly offline.

9/12/2010 5:55:44 AM

We Remember!

Light a candle in your window! let everyone know you remember! it was cousin Phyllis's birthday. Mom had the day off. She was getting ready for her Chiropractor appointment, had the TV on in her bedroom when the report came in "a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center tower." It was thought to be just a small plane, remember? But soon another one crashed into the other tower. Mom was ready to leave then. She got to the drs. office, and one of her mgrs. was there who also had an appointment. The TV was on there, too. And she & Auntie, the mgr, & the dr., stood in horror seeing the 2nd tower fall!!! Later, they went & dropped in at the store (TJ MAXX) and they had a TV going for the public at the front desk. Mom's friend on the desk told her it was said, not confirmed as yet......9 buyers from TJ MAXX were ON the first plane!......Word came thru.....YES! It was true! 9 TJ's buyers WERE on that plane!!! All young women so proud of their jobs, the youngest was engaged to another TJ worker. Another left behind an infant daughter. TJX Corp. in Framingham built a Memorial Park at the hdqrts. there. For a year or more no buyers were sent to CA. Mom will never forget!!! Aaliyah.

Come visit me, Angel Angelina, Aaliyah - Oh! My GOODNESS!, Angel Jenny, Paco - I am a Lucky Dog!

9/11/2010 6:52:10 AM


Innocence destroyed, Fear is felt by all. Our world lie in shambles, And yet we will stand tall. Our lives stripped of normality, A tragic memory forevermore. They may have closed a window, But we will find a door. The pain seems to be unceasing, Not a single eye is dry. And yet through all of this horror, Our heads remain held high. Prayers are lifted up, Sorrow controls our mind. And yet through this time of darkness, Our country's pride and strength will shine. God bless our humble heroes, Who risk their lives for me and you. We will remember forever their courage And hearts so bold and true. God bless the innocent victims, Who unknowingly stood by; Clueless to the fact, that very day they would die. And God will bless America, Land that we all love. For He will send us hope, faith, and strength from above. For we will prevail, For we will find a way. Slowly we'll recover, moment-by-moment; day-by-day. For we are American's, Proud, united, and strong. And when we all so deeply believe in ourselves, We cannot possibly go wrong. Although we have long to go, We'll conquer this terrible sin. Because, we are America. . . Simply, we shall win. Written by Susan Halmi 9-13-01 ✞ REMEMBERING 9-11-01 ✞ ♥ Milla & mom Pammy


9/10/2010 7:49:36 AM


Bark bark bark bark. Bark BARK bark bark? Bark bark. Jazper

Come visit me, Jazper (BARK), Tesa

9/6/2010 6:22:11 AM

Hi all

Thanks We do not live near water. But we can still get rain and wind. Thanks again sending our love back. Love the boys

Come visit me, PePe.... Please Pray for all the Animals !, R.I.P my sweet Scooter 2/28/2001-7/1/2013, SPARKYS I LOVE YOU

9/3/2010 12:11:28 PM

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