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We found him at the KHS.He was the cutiest puppy

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Vote 400!

Have a terrific Tuesday! Remember bark by you tube and watch the video Mr. Pish for President! He's running on the Birthday Pawty ticket and he promises more fire hydrants & Birthday cake! Dogs rule! Love ya!!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Little Buddy!

9/13/2011 10:37:29 AM

Hi Max!

Thank you for remembering me! I gave you, and your siblings, a vote too! Rocky :)

Come visit me, Frost, Rocky

9/13/2011 7:51:19 AM

Hey Max

Yep...the spotted fishy I ate. It is a crappie, but don't let the name fool you. Fresh and yummy straight from the lake and tastes like Cod. Better than Cod actually. Mom has a deal with my dad for the past few years, that dad has to clean out their guts and she will cook um. It is not fair to make her do all the work. Besides, dad is good at fixing things, but a terrible cook, so I am thankful momma is the chef. I lie on the kitchen floor and watch and wait. The reward is pawsome! You are so cool in your glasses, and I am glad you are having good times. Thanks for barking back! See ya soon, Love and vote #397 pal, Henry McWagger

Come visit me, Henry McWagger (Wags)~GO SEAHAWKS!

9/13/2011 2:27:43 AM

Thanks for the vote

Leaving you a vote, too.

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9/12/2011 6:51:44 PM

Hi Max! Thankyou for stopping by my profile. Could you please vote for me today? I am running for Dog of The day. Oh and I will vote for you on the fifteenth. :) Thankyou, and have fun.

Come visit me, Copper

9/12/2011 7:32:10 AM

Hey Max

Your pic is really fun! Love and hugs and a vote, Henry

Come visit me, Henry McWagger (Wags)~GO SEAHAWKS!

9/12/2011 1:22:33 AM

Rainbow Bridge!

Rainbow Bridge is a very happy place! 2 new very beautiful & special Angels have joined it. Even though we'll miss Tay Tsy & Stormie we have 2 more Angel's to watch over us! Dear God please strength their families at this difficult time! Love you DC!!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Little Buddy!

9/6/2011 5:32:06 PM


Your right about our moms. I mean i understand they are busy but the should have some time for DC aswell. love, casper

Come visit me, ?Frito Bandito? ~THANK YOU ALL FOR DOTM! I couldn't have done it without all of you. I love you all!!!!!, Casper *THANK YOU BELLA FOR VOTE 300*

8/31/2011 2:18:07 PM

8/30/2011 7:18:49 PM

Hi Max

Would hip be please vote. for my sweetie Ruger in the Modern Dog contest? He is the cute golden retriever in the flowers at Spearfish Canyon. thanks bunches

Come visit me, Bella-

8/30/2011 1:31:38 PM

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