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I was sold back to the breeder that I came from cuz My other owner wanted beer money. My new mommy always came to visit and I would alway sit on her lap and would cry when she went home. So 2 days before christmas Mommy told the breeder that when they were finished using me as a breeding dog she would like to buy me. The breeder said, " she is yours, merry chirstmas" He told mommy to come on christmas day and pick her up. Mommy arrived and I had nice hair cut and a bath and looked really pretty for mommy to take me home.

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4/6/2012 9:43:10 PM

Vote 173. Hope that you have good weather because it comes our way. Nothing new here. What have you been up to? I will now deliver secret votes to all the others.

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1/29/2012 6:11:50 PM

THURSDAY NEWS 1/19/2012 VOTE DOTD FOR THE LABBY BOYZ on THURSDAY Ravie & Shadow 73018 Surprise BOYZ !!! Raven was handpicked from an accidental litter by his pawrents. The DC has had the pleasure of watching him grow up into a very handsome, loving gentleman!! Muah, everybody loves RAVIE!! Shadow was rescued by his pawrents from a situation that was not working well for him at all!! He is a sweet, cute boy that loves and adores his Ravie, and pawrents!! Two precious boyz with one precious family! Please vote the BOYZ 73018THURSDAY! TEAMdOTD HAPPY BIRTHDAY\ANNIVERSARY TO: Angel Samson 112439 \ 3yrs RBBridge, 112439 Little Bit 198997 ~1st DC Anniv~, 198997 T.J. 198953 ~1st DC Anniv~ 198953 PATRICIA, TIFFANY, & ANGEL TAY-TAY ARE OFFLINE FOR A WEEK, PLEASE HOLD ALL BLOGS, THANKS! THERE WILL BE NO CAMPAIGNING, SO PLEASE IF YOU WOULD POST THE DOTD AND BIRTHDAY INFORMATION ON YOUR OWN PAGES TO HELP GET IT OUT THERE FOR OTHERS TO SEE THAT DO NOT TAKE THE NEWSLETTER. Thanks, TeamDotd 57527

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1/18/2012 5:25:27 PM

Hi! Keshia here with a vote. I am just having a lazy day. I ate and slept and played and slept and worked on my sun tan and played some more, I even went outside a few times but that was pretty fast. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada and we are having a wonderful winter, it is so mild and we hardly have any snow but it is still too cold to play in the yard for very long. Have a great weekend.

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1/13/2012 7:32:50 PM

Help Buddy #168381 reach 200 votes!

I'm Buddy, a beautiful Samoyed! I don't have many friends, and need some help reaching my goal! Come visit me at my page any time, I hope we can be friends! Vote for me and I'll vote for you!! -Your new friend, Buddy!

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12/31/2011 7:48:44 PM

-:¦:-*Buttercup 162954*-:¦:- DoTd 12/29~Thurs

• ``Overall Cuteness`` My name is Buttercup, I am a Golden Retriever from Vancouver, BC. Mom loves calling me Pupps, I just celebrated my 2nd Birthday, December 21st!! I spend my time watching my sis Molly, sissy can jump a six foot hurdle! My big brother Farley, he spends his days eating and playing. When I hear the word ``Big Fat Mushball,`` mommy's calling my big brother Harley. Our family became DC Members, December 21, 2009. Today is the best, I'm running for Dotd December 29th ~on a Thursday~ •°• -:¦:- Golden Kisses for your DoTd Vote, Paws Up for a Happy New Year, Buttercup 162954 -:¦:- •°• . •°•°• •°•°• Angel Toby 162122 :•: 2nd Year at the RBB, 12/22 . Belated ~2nd Anniversaries~ Jazz 162121 :•: Buttercup 162954 :•: Molly 162949 :•: Farley 162951 :•: Harley 162952 . Belated Birthdays: Mia Bella 214731 :•: Ginger 218911 •°•°• •°•°• . :•: VoTe DaiLy •° In December :•: DOTM: Hunter 179220 HOTM: Quincy 157076 COTM: Charlotte 196844 BOTM: Roscoe 151531 . TEAM DOTD NEWS :•: THURSDAY :•: 12/29/11

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12/28/2011 11:51:52 PM

Wishing all my friends a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!!!! PAWTY TIME!!!! **BLUE** and the Texas Pit Crew

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

12/21/2011 8:40:52 PM


Thanks, I think I'll dig up the whole backyard to find that bone:) Left you a vote too.

Come visit me, buster, Cookie, Penny

12/19/2011 9:40:52 AM

Hi Mandy :)

Mandy how are you today? We got a inch of snow, how is your guy's Weather? We live in a sub division in the suburb, we have a house with a fenced in back yard and that is where I go potty and play :) I left a vote bark Back XXX Alley

Come visit me, ♥ Thank you so much Tiffany for our 5,000 Milestone Vote ♥ Baby Alley and Mommy Elena ♥

12/9/2011 7:26:47 PM

Hi Mandy....

Well the Peke is Bandit who lives in Daniels, W Va. That was taken last April when a bunch of us went to Gatlinburg Tn. Me on the box was taken outside our cabin. Overnight a bear got into our trash enclosure and took the boards right apart!! Moma perched me up there & got a photo. Oh heavens no she didn't let me jump down. I am quite pampered. But some of those photos were taken w/friends in Gatlinburg...lots of doggies were there. That is why we get a cabin so the dogs can go!! Well it's right chilly here in Md abt 37 this morning although its warmed up a little during the day. Not a lot going on. Daddy has gone hunting w/a friend & will be gone overnight and Moma is just catching up some things around the house & doing my blogs. Just us girls tonight!! Girls gone wild!! Well Moma just said they have to go wild before 9pm because that is when she poops out...oh well...hugs LilyPup

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12/9/2011 10:38:39 AM

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