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thanks everyone for birthday wishes. Me and my angel siblings are having a grand celebration here at rainbow bridge. pittie kisses


Angel Bolt #222757

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some neighbors dogs had puppies they kept one gave the rest away. No one wanted Bolt. They were going to take him to the pound and have him put to sleep. So sucker that I am came to the rescue.

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Hi Bolt!

Last night, when Mommy and Daddy went to the neighbor's house for supper they left me and Maya at home.Well at Mommy's suggestion, they gave me a very important test, which I passed with flying colors! Instead of crating me and leaving Maya loose in the house like they normally do, they left me loose in the house with Maya! I was NOT crated!! Takoda had sent me and Maya some bully sticks because we had never EVER had one. Mommy didn't even know what they were. Well they came in the mail yesterday and after I "helped" Mommy get the mail open she put them up for later.When they left, they said if we were good, (translation: if I WAS GOOD, Maya ALWAYS is) while they were gone, we would get a bully stick when they came home! Mommy was pretty confident, Daddy - not so much. He was afraid they would come home to a situation like they did when they first started leaving my Angel Brother, Anakin alone uncrated. He destroyed 2 cat beds leaving little tiny pieces of foam rubber all over the room! BOL! It must have been a sight!! Well, we met them at the door, so happy they were finally back! We are always thrilled when they come home and let them know it with a frenzied welcome back, but just the thought of those tantalizing bully sticks was almost more than a fella could stand, at least for me it was!! We gave them a welcome like they had never seen before! Then while we both quivered with almost unbearable anticipation (Maya is very food oriented, too, that's why SHE needs to lose a few pounds...just don't tell her I told you that!) anyway, while we were wiggling and twisting like a bug with a bell on it - another dumb human saying - they got them out! The most beautiful sight I had ever seen, BULLY STICKS!! One for each of us. I could hear them in my head saying "here we are, at last, chew on us, enjoy us, we are yours." I am here to tell ya I did as they asked! YUM YUM!! Took a bit longer than a regular chew stick, mind you but I managed to do away with mine last night. I thought Maya had to till a few minutes ago when that little stinker showed up with part of hers and proceeded to eat RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Well that was not gonna fly. So what did I do? I took it away from her, she can be feisty sometimes but when it comes to something like that, she's a pushover. I made one mistake tho', I let Daddy see me with it! Oops! Well Maya Papaya, the little princess got her bully stick back and the little prince, me, turned into a frog! Daddy made me go with him out of the room and into the kitchen and he and Mommy gave me a beggin strip so in the long run I came out ahead by taking hers cause she was still eating her treat from last night and I got an EXTRA one today!! hehehe Pretty sneaky and clever, huh? Well I better go since Mommy has a job for me to do helping her in the kitchen. I sure hope it's taste testing again, it's one of my favorites!! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie And I am supposed to send this from My sister Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/23/2012 5:33:47 PM

Hi ya Bolt

We haven't been around the DC much either. Very busy these days. Anyways Mom knows what you mean about people with their stereotyped fears. Mom raised Dobermans for 25 yrs and each was obedience trained and yet when people saw them coming, they would cross the street to avoid them and make comments on how MEAN they were. Now Chipper has joined our family and is the first "little" dog they ever had and well you & I both know about the Chihuahua attitude! Chipper will bite in a heartbeat if someone rushes in to pet him without mom holding him. But yet people still come up with their hands out ready to grab him. PEOPLE! Ya can't live with 'em, and ya can't live without 'em! Just ignore those ones who give you a hard time. Wishing you a great day my pittie friend! Woofs Rileyroo & Chipper too

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3/22/2012 4:10:58 AM

Hi Bolt!

Running by with a c/p again :( Sorry we've been bad about getting on DC again. We just have to tell you what happened today. Well, mom accidentally forgot to pick up the garbage so Brandon wouldn't be alone with you can guess what happened there! Well, mom walked in and Peanut had a plastic bag wrapped around him. That was one clue! That was funny enough mom got a picture. So then, a little later mom tricked Brandon and had almost nothing in the garbage. She set up the video camera and waited outside for a few minutes. So then we saw Brandon knocking over the garbage on video...he just reaches in to pull things out and it tips over. Thankfully he has been better about not chewing other things, but mom is still really considering getting him a crate for when we're gone. Well, Peanut and Muffin were covered in sticky stuff (eww!) so they ended up getting baths. Hope your day went better! Left a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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3/21/2012 9:29:43 PM

Good Night!

3 more dogs in our area are missing. No news from Tuck & Big Boy. Poochie continues to improve. Thanks to everyone who wished Alabama Angels Happy Birthday! We love you DC!

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3/21/2012 8:59:10 PM

Hi Bolt!

Man, That would be great! I would love to print all the pictures your Mommy takes for my book. If she wants, I can get double prints and send a set back to her. Mommy is taking it a little easy today because she pulled something in her back or something. She is "watching her soap" right now. I am concerned about her because she is actually watching tv, not soap. Unless I am mistaken, that black box with people in it in the living room is what Daddy calls the tv, anyway. Daddy just went through the room and asked Mommy, "is that your soap opera?" Mommy said "yes." Now I really AM concerned AND CONFUSED because I have not heard one single person singing and I thought that they sang in operas. All I see in that black box is a bunch of people that never go to work (if they do, they never stay very long), love affairs, murder and the women cry a lot,the men are pretty much clueless, nobody has a dog OR a cat and the police never can solve a case or catch a criminal! And how in the world do they all fit inside that box?? But most of all, I think Mommy needs to take a pill and a nap so when she wakes back up, she will realize she wasn't watching her soap because that is in the utility room by the washing machine and that she WAS watching the black box! I went down to Daddy's workshop cause I was gonna check on him and maybe get him to come see how Mommy was hallucinating about soap, but he has a box down there that is smaller than the one in the living room and it must have people in there too because I heard music, I am talking people playing instruments and singing and everything! How do these people get in and out of those things? All the people I know are WAY too big to fit inside those small thin boxes. Like Daddy says anytime he can't explain something, It's one of Life's Mysteries! I have to go take a nap on the couch now so I am rested enough to play with Maya and make lots of noise during the news tonight! Daddy likes it when I do that! Who knows maybe when I wake up, I can watch the "soap" with Mommy.... hehehe! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/21/2012 1:29:44 PM

Hi Bo

Pet Expo sounds fun. Sunny today and it was like summer outside. Hope you had fun too. Love n' licks, Fiona xx

Come visit me, Fiona the Fearless : Greetings sweet DC friends. I haven't forgotten you. Tail Wags, Fiona xx

3/21/2012 12:49:55 PM

Hi Bolt! Long Time No Bark!

Nice to hear your bark again my friend! Did I ever as your Mommy to send pictures of you (and your sibs if you like) to me for my Friends of DC Photo Albums? If I didn't, I am now. The address is: Laurie, Chewie and Maya Pinnell 8266 Germantown Rd Washington, MO 63090 The reason we ask for postal mail pics is because Mommy tried to upload from the dog DC pages but when she had them printed the photoplace told Mommy the resolutions aren't high enough and thats why the pictures stink! Please send some for me. I really want to have you in my photo album. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/20/2012 5:49:57 PM

My Sweet Bolt.....

Of course we would be afraid of the snapping dog!! We are so sorry that there is that fear and predujice against your breed. For every person who fears you there are others like my Moma who think you are a truly handsome breed that a few bad eggs have give you all a bad name. And most of those are made that way by humans. The only thing I can say Bolt is that all of us face a predujice of some kind. It may be our weight, our race, our breed, our ages or something like that but we all have faced it sometimes in our life. I understand my Pittie friend but there are many of us who are behind you and realize you are sweet and loving......when Moma had a Doberman and would walk him people would literally move off the sidewalk and go to the other side. We have lived it & you have to rise above it & realize that people just don't know you but if they did they would love you....hugs LilyPup and Moma

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3/20/2012 5:03:45 PM

Hi Bolt

have a happy day friend. LOve n' Licks, Fiona xx

Come visit me, Fiona the Fearless : Greetings sweet DC friends. I haven't forgotten you. Tail Wags, Fiona xx

3/20/2012 12:50:19 PM

Vote 159!

Quick c/p! Then some personal blogging. Just wanna clean up our pages quickly! Lately the weather has been GREAT. The past week, only ONE day was below 60. In fact, today it's going to get up to 70! One of Onyx and Domino's puppies, Sahara, is being fostered by my grandma. Pretty exciting. She's been getting daily walks with Gotti, so they're becoming GREAT friends. I'm hoping Gotti's owner will adopt her. :D Will post pictures to Gotti and Lobo's profile after the blogs are done. I adopted a Yorkie. Her name is Promise. My friend has her here on DC on her own account. Her owner's surrendered her cuz they didn't want her anymore. I walked in, saw her and she reacted to me. Came right up to me. People at the shelter said she had just came in that morning and didn't approach anyone. So I adopted her on the spot. My bunny, Jester McChester passed away. :( She caught a respiratory infection and, despite the antibiotics the vet gave her, it destroyed her respiratory infection. Along with her my turtle, Yo-Yo passed away, too! Don't know WHAT'S going on. But, just yesterday morning Promise ran away at about 9am. And we didn't find her until 4pm! Then again this morning when I went to get the mail, she ran off again. I kicked off my sandals and chased her all around the corner and caught her. Silly Promise. Gotta keep a close eye on her from now on!! Kevin is still a whistling little feller. Hehehe. That's about all! Oh, yeah! Bolt the Lizard Hunter! You go get 'em Bolt! While you hunt those suckers, I'll stick to squirrels. >:3 They're easier to catch. Heehee! I'm sure you scare them away long enough to get some resting time in, though, right?? Love, Gotti♥ .

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3/13/2012 11:30:17 AM

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