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Okay, it has been a crazy long time. But, we came on today to give you guys some news. 1) We will possibly be moving cross country. 2) I (Jess) am still struggling with issues here. That's is basically why we havnt been on. Issues. All the pups are okay though. Everyone of them is still here and doing great^^ unfortunately this might be our last time coming on in a while. We have many things that we need to work through here, relationship wise and some other issues. We just want to let you guys know we all love each one of you. I hope you guys can forgive us. <3


&diams; Pace, Chewy(pictured), Chloe, & Pirate &diams;

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♠ |PACE`**Single**| Age: 9---Breed: Mixed(Chug)---B-Day: 17/9/03---Gender: Female---Story: We got Pace through my Uncle, who could no longer care for her ♠ |CHEWY ♥ Mazey Mae| Age: 3---Breed: Lhasa Apso---B-Day:4/14/09---Gender: Male---Story: We got him as a puppy from a breeder, he is ; Jammer| AgeAKC Registered ♠ |CHLOE ♥ Jammer | Breed:Lhasa Apso---B-Day-4/14/09---Gender: Female---Story: Got her from a friend that got her from the same breeder as Chewy until her other owners could not care for her ♠ |PIRATE| Age: 8 Months---Breed: American Bulldog---B-Day: 7/19/12---Gender:Male---Story: A friend of ours got him from a local breeder, when she had no time for him we took him in. He is UKC Registered ♠ ~~~VOTERS~~~ Mekia=vote 23--Benny=299---Dakota=500--Angel Ella=700---Jackson=800---Yukon=900---Peaka=1,000---Bailey=2,000---Gracie Nichole=3,000

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-:l:- VOTE DURANGO #217164 DOTM JUNE -:l:- Durango is a Australian Shepherd from TN he loved dog treats, running and being played with. Durango came to our house when we had our other dog Piper (Who passed away) and my dad didn’t want two dogs at once. We kept him for a little bit, while we looked for his owner (We knew he had one because he had stitches in him). We were unable To find his owner- so we had to the animal shelter because my dad would not Let us keep him. Today I wish I could have kept him, he was the best dog ever. I hope he can have the honor of winning DOTM, I am thankful for every vote. -:l:- VOTE DURANGO #217164 DOTM JUNE -:l:-

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5/29/2012 10:18:35 AM


HI Pace! Your so cute. My names Zoey, would you like to be pals? Zoey

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

5/24/2012 5:26:59 PM

I love the new pix!! Moose

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5/24/2012 4:22:49 PM


From Pace (Blog owner) The dog of the week/month for me is Harlequin! An American Bulldog/Australian Cattle Dog at the Safe animal shelter in middleburg,Fl. He has been there a while now (He is 3) and is searching for a forever home. Please visit the website and take a look at the dog that might be right for you!!!

Come visit me, ♦ Pace, Chewy(pictured), Chloe, & Pirate ♦

5/20/2012 3:51:45 PM

http://www.jefferspet.com/springer-bicycle-jogger/p/0032047/ this site sells the bike thing I actually combined all the girls from NC's pages (Mia, Chey, & Brandy) Bucky has his own page still. Moose

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5/19/2012 10:25:09 PM

Glad you got your Dog Fancy when my blogger's dad gets home with the new Nikon Coolpix camera she'll post a newer pic, Moose

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5/18/2012 4:29:40 PM

Left a vote!:)

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5/13/2012 12:30:22 PM

go to your account click on update my profile unselect "Yes, I would like to get valuable information from DogChannel.com partners." I also found this "In order to opt-out of our newsletters, you can click on the "unsubscribe" link in the bottom of the newsletter." Hope that helped. Moose

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5/9/2012 5:17:37 PM

How are you doing?? Moose

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5/7/2012 9:28:15 PM

There's alot of members that blog back too though, Moose

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5/3/2012 5:41:21 PM

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