Whiskey-Pup -Says-Hi Guys-Our Prayers-Thoughts & Love Are With You! -We're Still With Grandma!! **** HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!! **** **MUTTLEY YOU'RE FOREVER LOVED & NEVER FORGOTTEN!!**

Border Terrier | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Williamsport, PA

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Hi To All Our Friends & New-Comers To Our Yard. **HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!** Mom & I are still up at Grandma's. Dad comes up to us every weekend. Things are still crazy. Hopefully we can get back into DC Land soon to update you all. --We still miss my brother Muttley--Dad got a GSP & now he's considered the monster--I'm an angel now-believe it or not--BOL!! I'll have to get Mom to put a picture of him in my yard. We hope all is well with you all. We'll bark as soon as we can. Have Safe & Happy Days. Love To You All As Usual!! From Our Family To Yours. Whiskey Pup - Mom & Family. aka US!! --We're leaving the rest of this up for now. Still a tribute to Muttley--We feel so bad--can't dump this yet!! Sorry for that--But We think you understand--Thank You!! ---- **We're so sorry it's been so long since we've been to DC Land. Things have been rather crazy here. I've been trying to get my back-back to normal--I injured myself back in Nov. I've had set-backs--but they are becoming shorter down times. Which is good. Just when Mom & I thought we could go back to Dad--My English Pointer brother Muttley stopped eating. (He's the Dog in my profile picture) He went from 55lbs down to 38lbs. He didn't look good. We went to the vet & it's bad news. Muttley has cancer. It has been quick--from sick to sad. The kind he has was suppose to start in the neck & go from there. Giving us more time to deal with this. Of course--He never had any of the normal symptoms other than he stopped eating. His cancer started in the organs. Even our vet said she would have never thought this before we actually found it. But Mom still feels bad. Muttley just turned 6 on May 21st. He continues to lose weight even though he's eating more dog food now than he did when he was healthy. Mom said when Muttley came up to Grandma's--that he looks like he's being eaten from the inside out. Oh God Guys He Looks Bad. He is no longer breathing by reflex--he has to force himself to take each breath. He's just skin & bone now. My big bother-Almost Pitt Bull looking-looking like this. All I can say is He must Love Us A lot-To keep going like this. We're sorry--this just hurts. We really don't see him lasting too much longer. Please keep your paws crossed for him. Don't know really what else to say--& for us to say that is odd. Sorry!! ------Hope all is well with you & your families. --Have great days & wonderful weekends. We'll Bark Soon. --&--Still As Always--Love From Our Family To Yours. --Whiskey Pup-Mom & Dad-Plus My Nutty Crew. aka --US


Whiskey-Pup -Says-Hi Guys-Our Prayers-Thoughts & Love Are With You! -We're Still With Grandma!!  **** HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!! ****   **MUTTLEY YOU'RE FOREVER LOVED & NEVER FORGOTTEN!!**

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I met my Mom through my breeder (Who is my Grandma-My FurMom's Mom)-who was a friend of my Mom's. ****** I would like to Thank --My Family for our 3700th vote. --Keshia for 3500 & 3400. --Boomer N Gang for 3000. --Brandi for 2900. --Keshia for 2800. --All for 2700 & 2600. --Brandi for 2500. --Silly Gang for 2400. --Ch Delta Dawn for 2300. --Khia for 2200. --Ch. Delta Dawn for 2100. --T.J for 2000. -- Keshia or Boomer N Gang for 1900. --Misha for 1800. --All for 1700 & 1600. --My Family for 1500. --Misha for 1400. --Yukon for 1300. --All for 1200. --Alabama Gang for 1100 on my Birthday. --Yukon for 1000. --Maya for 900. --All for 800 & 700. --Nacho for 600. --Queen Royal Hinny for 500. --Brandi for 400. --Boomer for 300 & 200. --& Thanks to All Our Friends for All the Other Numbers.

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