Puffy and Scruffy ~~~~in memory~~~~

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Puffy and Scruffy ~~~~in memory~~~~

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we were looking for a friends for Chip but it became too much to handle.

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11/13/2008 12:00:00 AM

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10/29/2008 10:20:43 AM

~j~ Vote Angel Nikki 60685 Monday ~j~

```~j~ Vote Angel Nikki 60685 Monday ~j~``` IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL, YOU'LL FIND COMFORT THERE!! Hi! My name is ANGEL NIKKI,(11/15/92- 9/3/04), 60685. I am coming by your page today to ask you to PLZ dotd VOTE 4 ME & MOM ON Monday, 10/6. I am a beautifl sweet Angel Chow Chow Girl originally from KERRVILLE, TX. now residing at the RainBow Bridge furever more. I WORKED AS A SPOKEDOG FOR ABUSED DOGS AND KITTIES with my Mom. She is a rescuer and loves all animals deeply and dearly. Her belief was and is if you TREAT US NICE YOU HAVE A FRIEND FOR LIFE. Amen!! Please give Mom and Me a dotd vote on Monday, 10/6. Angel kisses, Nikki. Happy Birthday to Milkshake 28983, and Diamond Lil 45684 (My SISTER!!) TeamDotdNews57527 http:/- /www.dogchannel. com/blog/viewbio. aspx?apid=60685

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10/5/2008 9:55:46 PM

10/5/2008 9:55:21 PM

sry mommy hasnt talked to u in a long time she has been really busy between me and high school. lol i would lov to be friends. :)

Come visit me, ~ Dotty ~

10/5/2008 7:55:57 AM

friday..gonna be a long wkend --vote kaley dotm

---okay, so it is friday, hehee, rest, huh??? nooooo, it is gonna be a long wkend and i would have had to do two days of agility but mum n dad n baby are going to a picnic and, hmm, i bet i have to wait in the car, but then we go to the agility place, set up and start early sun, morn! gee, we do this every wkend so far, mum forgets what i am entered in, think three events this wkend, jumpers,standard and something else, snooker or maybe gamblers ---- did you know our trainer said, do not do standard for i do not do the table and it is just making things worse ----buuuut mum is stubborn so she is gonna still work the table thing and hope i get on, and if not, she is not going to play my game and keep calling me back ----------hehe, i love games, but mum is being stubborn now---hmm, do you think that is fair---it is not just about her in the ring, what about me? well she said, if i do not do the table, she is moving on and then going on to the next obstacle, and i do not get to frap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell you mon how i do, but hey, mum and me did write the blogs for saturday and sunday ----and if you remember smokey and how he died a few months ago, his mum is the guest post writer for sunday ----mum has to fini up the post a lil but mum and me work hard so we shall have it up. so go to www.sansanpups.com and you will have something new to read -----thanks for supportin me for dotm, it means much to me, and hey, if anyone out there wants to be dotw, i call it kaleys pup pal of the week, fill the form out or let me or mum know ----thanks, kaley corgi kisses : ) have a great wkend, ps, if you can, say hi to me on the wkend and let me know whatcha doin, i will write back on mon!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, &hearts KaLEy #44263 RN OJP CL1

9/12/2008 11:16:28 PM


Mommy is italian she's learning english (as you can see) and she's gonna start with french this year... Mous

Come visit me, Mous :)

9/12/2008 9:37:51 AM

3 days left before mommy starts school... Yep, here in ltaly we start later then you!! But mommy won't get off DC only because of school.... we don't speak english over here... and even though she's ten her teachers want her to get the middle school english test ALREADY!! They don't know what level she is cause she's not about other student's level! That's why we are gonnna stay on DC even though mommy starts school! To have some english exercise with some pals!! Learning, having fun!!! We are happy she won't get off DC so we can keep in touch buddy!! MOUS

Come visit me, Mous :)

9/12/2008 12:46:40 AM


Wanna be friends? Mous

Come visit me, Mous :)

9/10/2008 11:34:08 AM

6/24/2008 7:31:28 PM

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