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~*♥*~ Blessings of Spring time ~*♥*~ A Butterfly hovers closely And then quickly moves away, Swiftly going where so ever Her heart may freely say. A Butterfly lowers and rises With the winds’s gusty breath, As if coupled within a dance Of a loving tenderness. The Butterfly only knows How it feels to have wings, To kiss the petals of flowers In such elegant flitterings. To have but one moment Of such an exquisite flight, Would be like a dream Where all seems so right ~*♥*~


Tiffany ~*♥*~ Bandit  ~Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588~ APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March

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Fate and Love, Tiffany was 5 months old, the Breeder drove to Las Vegas, NV from South Dakota; she was curled up in the back of his van ~ we choose her out of 15 other puppies. Tiffany is our heart. .♥. Lakota Shih-Tzu's. New Effington, SD ♥ Sire: Lakota Little Big Man.. ♥ Dam: Lakota Bubbling Brook

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you're a cutie

Matty just had to say "Woof" and give you a vote, he thinks your very nice looking, but maybe that's because you look alot like him!! Give me a woof sometime, Matty (Matthew Nathan)

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3/4/2008 3:38:11 PM

3/3/2008 9:11:49 PM

Hi Tiffany

My you look so cute. I left you my vote. want to be my friend...Jelani.

Come visit me, Daisey Mar, Jelani, Muggles, Pepper

3/3/2008 4:17:06 AM

Hi Tiffany

Awwwww you look sooooo cute!!!!!!

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3/3/2008 3:10:41 AM

3/2/2008 8:15:14 PM

Hi Tiffany! Left you a vote!

Hi there, I was wondering if you can vote for my dog, Happy, for dog of the day. He is such a precious boy, and was rescued from a shelter. He loves everyone, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’m in a wheelchair, and he’s been my constant companion, especially since my senior dog recently passed away. So please vote on March 5th, we would really appreciate it. Thank you for your help. #65563

Come visit me, Happy :-D, Lily

3/2/2008 8:13:49 PM

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